Why Is there a Data Cap?

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Why Is there a Data Cap?

I haven't seen much of these posts on here.


So I know what a data cap is, I have hit it multible times and have paid for it. So one major question I have is Why cant we get unlimited data from rogers. If you look in to it most ISP like rogers will say that the 2% of the people (like me) Use about 20% of the bandwith so that is why they have a cap. But I would like to say where is your research! why do you have us pay extra if we go over but dont have a plan to tailor to our needs? you could take the long way around and try to get a rogers businss internet with unlimited internet but that requires you to be a businss! There are other people out there that sell off the back end of rogers. here are some

1. Acanac

2. teksavvy


So how can they have no bandwith cap for a cheeper cost then the ultmiate! Sure they have slower speed but i would rather go DSL then have a cap.



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Re: Why Is there a Data Cap?

Well you see Rogers has something special that those other ISP's don't have. Their network data is a finite amount. Rogers goes to the internet store and buys 5 exabytes for all of their customers as a whole.This means when they sell their internet, you can go as fast as you want using all the bandwidth, as long as you don't use up your fair share of the amount of data.

Whereas most internet service providers elsewhere in the world charge you on the speed on which you can consume, thus burdening their servers regardless of the amount of data being consumed, Rogers has to balance the amount and the speed.

It's not really fair to pick on Rogers though. I'm sure most of their IT people use Macs.