Why I avoid the online myrogers site and go to the phone

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Why I avoid the online myrogers site and go to the phone

I have mentioned some of the reasons why I avoid going online for my services, but I thought I would list them.

The first is that I feel like I am being gently and sometimes not so gently being forced to the online site.


The experience of leaving the billing details off directly forced me to the site. In the past, I could immediately go to the view bill and print it and completely avoid looking at anything on the site.


What is on the site that annoys me. Marketing.  To provide an example of what I see in my movement to see my printed bill, all I want.

A message on how to use the new bill - that was the first place I learned that the new billing features would not meet my needs. Important information, but now just an annoyance, and if I had the ability to just go to the printed bill, I could avoid it.


Next is a thing about roam from home - I don't have shared packages, which I get the impression that Rogers would like us all there, so again another marketing pitch, along with information.


Upgrade my phone link - common, my phone is less than two years old and meeting my needs perfectly. If I want to upgrade, repair or replace my phone, now I will go wandering the web site for shopping, search the internet, go to stores. Stop encouraging all of us to upgrade our phones as we approach the end of the term - we aren't all suckers for the most new thing.


Enroll for Rogers First Rewards - I know it is also there for people to check the status of their first rewards, but I have never signed up - better choice bundles for multiple services is a far better deal and keeps money in my pocket today, earning me interest and I can spend that saved money on anything from Rogers, and from anyone else too.


At the bottom is other services available - Get Smart home monitoring - I have a flag on my account to not market services to me, I will ask if I want it or want information - reps have been ignoring that as of late - we start with the introduction to the new home of hockey - I don't watch hockey, so could care less, and in the prompts is tons of prompts for automated online actions on the phone to get information or make changes, and lots of prompts to send us to the web site - I have figured out the sequence of prompts to get me directly to a human, but they changed the menu recently, so I need to relearn it.


Get Roger's NHL Centre - have it as park of my bundles, and don't really care.


Get Shomi - have it as part of bundles - and again, not overly interested. Wouldn't get either of them if they weren't being credited. The day they remove the credit is the day I cancel them.


Rogers Bank - not interested - have never used loyalty cards - rather just get reductions in costs and services from my bank. Again, I want choice in how to use my points. I don't need things that just lead to more dependency on Rogers Services.


Ahh, one benefit, once you go to view bill, the ads go away - just down to the business of managing my account, not being a recipient of incessant marketing.  So I can at least just get hit by the information item on the new bill, and the roam from home, which also could be viewed as informational, if you have shared account - if you don't it is marketing for shared accounts - if you find it interesting, hey, another reason to take on a new plan and pay more money.


Would prefer to have the view bill right at the top, along with the terms of use.  It used to be dominant at the top with a link, now way down at the bottom with other links.  Now the terms are something I do want in my face, as it encourages me to review them often, unlike the standard process of most services - read it once (if you read it, or could read it since it is so long, although at least Roger's has simplified its layout with bolding and simplified language, but it is still long winded and legalistic), click the button that you agree and move on, probably to never read it until you get caught on something you should have known and would have if you read the terms closely.


Lesson there - read those terms closely. If you use the service, you are bound by them, whether you read them or not, or whether you understand them.  I have called in a few times and had them walk me through what each section means - exactly what will happen in terms of costs, etc if I cancel, when you say you can change the terms at any time, what does that mean to me, etc.


Enough of my rant, just thought I would get that off my mind.  As you can tell, I want to be an informed consumer, but I don't want to be gently coerced into buying a product through very well developed marketing strategies, in particular in the context of where I am initiating the desire to get specific information. It is just annoying me when I probably am a bit annoyed already.


Any thoughts anybody.









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Re: Why I avoid the online myrogers site and go to the phone

@BS, I'm not seeing all those those ads. Are you not using an ad blocker?


On the right side of the page you see a Feedback tab.  Usually it doesn't work for me, but sometimes it pops up as a Survey and further down you can enter details of what is wrong with the page.

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Re: Why I avoid the online myrogers site and go to the phone

My ad blocker didn't specifically grab them by default, but I was able to select the item type I wanted blocked for this site alone and low and behold - gone - It actually blocked 8 items on the page - Not sure what the 8 items were - I only saw the two items, but it may also be including individual components included in the items.  I will play.


May have to turn the block off now and then to be sure I don't miss something important.


I do see the feedback tab on the side, which I may also selectively block except when I want to use it. I will use it once to give feedback on my desire to not see the marketing items.


There is something for Rogers web developers who decide to put informational and advertising things on these pages. Ad blockers may remove them and for those people who have this type of thing blocked by default, they will never see it if you put up something very important.  But to get rid the ads that bug me, I will take the risk for a while, just turning them back on now and then to make sure I don't miss something, and if I am interested in some Marketing, I can turn it back on and see. Now I get choice - thanks Ad Block - it also works great for removing advertising on some online tv sites.


Thanks, Bruce

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Re: Why I avoid the online myrogers site and go to the phone

Oh BS ... you're just out looking for likes with that one aren't you ??     Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy


Points to add ;    all those adds and and moving things  eat up something and for those that have slower download speeds for whatever reason they make it even slower.


...if someone of BS 's level of experience is finding the fine print tricky and annoying  ....doesn't thet mean that Rogers is attempting to take advantage  of those of us not as well versed in the reading of fine print.  Heck when those ads come in paper form I have to get a magnifying glass out just to read some very important deetails in that fine print .  


If you want to promote trust in your customers , I'd say that Rogers has a great formula  for how not to do things.


The one that blows me away the most is the candy coated wash we see here.  Why do the Community Services  people need to  reach out to anyone .... hire qualified people to answer the phone and price the product in a consistent manner so that everyone pays the same for the same product instead of this behind the scenes negotiating that means that there are significant price differences .   It just promotes time consuming customer interaction that takes away from service and promotes distrust.


Why can't we just all pay for our phone  and 5 cents a minute airtime and 15cents for long distance ... if you want to talk for two hours step up and pay for it.  Flat rate across the board  ...figure it out so it's fair for everyone instead of the methodology now where Rogers seems to be continually trying to screw everyone out of their socks.

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Re: Why I avoid the online myrogers site and go to the phone

You always CAN just pay for your phone if you want to 🙂 (which then wont force a change of plans, contract, etc).  Problem is, that most people dont want to pay $700+ for the phone they want.

Cheap plan+flat rate, probably would work for someone who doesnt use it much.  Which there probably are a lot.

(but that generally what the pay as you go is for).   But someone with ALOT of talk, that could get much more expensive 😞



Generally, i do agree that there is much more 'adds' type stuff on the new site..
Vs just the general links that the old one used to... IE: beside the TV had links to all the features you could do, vs now you have to go INTO the TV section to find that.


One thing I DID notice just now.. they seem to do some 'injection' along the adds as well.

What i mean is.. this last bill, i made a change to my wifes PHONE plan.  As well along side the add beside the phone link on the bill.. showed a 'you made changes this billing cycle' type of thing, which took you to that spot on the online bill.

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Re: Why I avoid the online myrogers site and go to the phone

I buy my own phones now. Last year's model from resellers. Same way I buy cars. Means I don't change plans. I would never take on one of the share everything plans of any type. Don't have enough people I would share with I don't use text much and don't use data. So the old model of basic low use minutes 300 per month with text unlimited add on for my daughter and between account members calling was all I ever need. The new overblown plans for me and I am sure most gives features that used to be add ons. If I switched my plan for a dicounted price I actually would pay more the phone than buying it out right and lots of features I don't need. Problem for rogers with people like me is we do close inspection of the offer and make careful educated choices. And yes I spend many hours with reps on the phone to explain every implication of the terms on multiple what if scenarios. I can't predict what will happen tomorrow so I won't commit to durations and terms without knowing that I can deal with cancellation fees. This is why I choose not to be marketed. It is like ads on TV that I am not interested in. I used to walk away. Now I pause it then fast forward to the return of the show or push live. And thanks for the compliment @barndoor I carefully read and ask for clarification on the fine and overally verbose print and I can assure you it can still be almost impossible to understand at time. And as for the little blue footnotes. There is another way of creating lack of clarity. One worse is see the ad in a newspaper with footnoes and four point font at the bottom. Rogers learned from the auto industry I think. Basic message. Be educated understand the terms and don't be caught by glitzy sales pitches.
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Re: Why I avoid the online myrogers site and go to the phone

Oh and yes. I have always felt that the complicated terms and packaging bundling and term periods create a scario where some are going to be caught with a surprise when they get hit and blindsided by a term they didn't realize was there. I can assure you I too have been caught by the inherent confusion created by skilled marketing. It is like gambling. The house always wins overall. A few will win but on balance the house wins. Unless we educate ourselve fully on what we are getting into you. And yes I knowq people with slow connections or you are travelling and end up on a slow connection. All the bouncing cokours links graphics need speed and bandwidth.