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Why Bundle?



As an existing customer who's contract has run out ( tv+phone+internet), how come there are fewer choices to bundle your products?



I was looking at the create your own bundle service and I came up with a combination of 100Unlimited+ Extra Plus( and 1 premium channel) + home phone.


I was informed that as an existing customer, if I signed up for a new contract, I would not be able to enjoy the additional savings over the first 3 months. I thought it was fair, albeit quite stupid in the sense that it goes against every notion of good salesmanship ( everybody knows it's much more expensive to try and acquire new customers rather than retain existing ones, even though you might have to cut your profits over a small period of time). But again, it wasn't that big of a deal.


Here's where it got weird. The build-a-bundle system indicated that the fee after the first 3 months would go up to 182 dollars, which meant 205 dollars with taxes. That bundle pretty much equated to this:


$205 = 100U internet+ Extra Plus(+1 premium channel)+ Home Phone + extras ( Shomi, NHL Gamecenter)+ nextbox 3.0 DVR discounted rental included+ discounted new modem rental included.


I thought that was decent.


But then, I placed the order and all the quotes were different. First I heard 219 over the phone then 216 over the chat service, where I was actually dropped by a rep who made me wait 7 mins before logging off into the ether. The kicker was that those prices did not include the 3.0 Nextbox. I was told I was to keep my 7 year old set top box which I had purchased. I didn't mind the upgrade, I was actually hoping for it.


What explains this discrepancy? Why do I feel like I'm facing a value proposition here and even better, what can I do to get the best deal out of this. I don't mind the commitment as long as its also beneficial on my end and that I'm not being taken for a ride over false promises.


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Re: Why Bundle?


Hello, @HarryK190


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


We can definitely explore different bundle options for you.


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