Whole Home PVR

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Whole Home PVR

Rogers came to install yesterday. Asked for whole home pvr to be installed but I was not the one home when they came. Cant figure out how to access this feature on my pvr or my Hd box?




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I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Whole Home PVR

Turn on your boxes.  A little house icon should be lit.  That means your boxes are networked and your WHPVR setup is working.



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Resident Expert
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Re: Whole Home PVR

Just to expand.. when the person was there, the SHOULD have called in, to have the whole home PVR part set up.

THey would have installed a little in line filter somewhere, as well as the installed software.  As Lurker said.. both the HD box, and the PVR, should have the little HOUSE icon, down beside where the power light normaly is.


From here, to access the PVR, all you should have to do, is hit the LIST button on the HD box..just like you would on the PVR itself.. and it should take you to the listing from the PVR