Whole Home PVR Performance Questions ???

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Whole Home PVR Performance Questions ???

Last week I upgraged my Netbox 2 PVR for a Netbox 3 PVR and since I have two additionanl Netbox 2 HD boxes (4642HD) I am interested in setting up the whole home PVR thing.  Did not consider this previously as I continued to run the old Netbox 2 PVR on the old guide as I could not stand the performance of the new IPG.


So far no issues with the Ntebox 3 PVR.


I have some questions regarding a single Nerbox 3 PVR and 2 additional HD boxes whole home PVR setup:


  • Single all 3 boxes will be using the same hard disk will I notice any performance issues?
  • With the other HD boxes using the PVR, will it affect the performance of the quide on PVR when used from the PVR?
  • Will there be any other performance issues?

I suppose that if I add a PVR extender to the PVR it would remove some of the stress on the single hard disk in NB3 PVR???

I have one from the old NB2 but have not needed it yet due to the extra disk capacity of the NB3.


Thanks in advance for your replies!



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Re: Whole Home PVR Performance Questions ???

The extender will only help so much.. the BIGER stress comes from the processing capabilities of the NB3. (which are much higher than the NB2 to begin with).


I have not ever noticed an issue with performance.. but RARELY run both at the same time 😞

Most of the time.. it go to the HD box, and play something back from there, while the NB3 is off.
I have been recording on the NB3, while playing something back on the other HD box, without noticing an issue.