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WhoCalled Service SPAM

WhoCalled service SPAM is worse than the scams and telemarketing hangup calls it mindlessly tells you about even when you don't subscribe to the service.


For the last few days I've been getting hang-up calls from 647-478-5684.  Sometimes the phone rings, sometimes there's half a ring, but usually it doesn't ring at all.  Occasionally, even when there's no ring, I get a message left consisting of static.


Quick research shows that a lot of people have been getting this activity from that number.  In a few cases they haven't hung up - and the calls are for a variety of telemarketing services and outright scams.


WhoCalled makes it far worse.  For every call, there's a "WhoCalled Now Improved" SMS SPAM a few minutes later.


I know about all the hang-up calls that don't ring, because WhoCalled sends an alert regardless, whether I want it or not.  While my phone hasn't rung this morning, there have been four WhoCalled alerts in the last hour alone.  AND I DON'T SUBSCRIBE TO TO THE SERVICE, SO I CAN'T CANCEL IT.


Somebody please shut down this garbage "service."





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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: WhoCalled Service SPAM

Correction: Apparently I have WhoCalled as part of a "Value Pack." I do need other services in the Value Pack, like Voicemail-To-Text. Is there any way to eradicate just WhoCalled?
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Re: WhoCalled Service SPAM

Hi @RStrong,


Spam number is definitely a concern for me as well, so let's talk about the who called service concern you have.


For everyone in the community; what is WhoCalled service?

WhoCalled service: This feature lets users know about any missed calls when their phone is powered off or they are out of our coverage zone by sending them a text message.

This feature will let you know of up to 50 missed calls.
• WhoCalled records the calls that you missed within the past 5 days.

    ◦ Any calls you missed from over the 5 day period will not be sent.
• It won’t let you know if you missed a call from a private or unknown number.


RStrong, I will have @CommunityHelps contact you via private message. Please check our messages via the envelope icon which appears in the top right hand side of your screen when you are logged into the forums.

Since it will require access to your personal account, a private message will be the best.


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Re: WhoCalled Service SPAM

And yes, they can just remove the Who Called off the value pack bundle.. well at least turn it off.

I have done that on my wifes phone.

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Re: WhoCalled Service SPAM

can you please have them contact me as well so i can get it turned off. its a usless service






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Re: WhoCalled Service SPAM

Hello @happy666

Have you tried contacting Rogers directly via phone to have them remove it from the account?

If not try that and if that doesn't help, contact them via Live Chat or from here at @CommunityHelps