Which department to call about PVR model swap?

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Which department to call about PVR model swap?

(Note: Atlantic Canada hardware discusion).


We recently came to the end of a contract cumlinating with the rent-to-own buyout of our 3510M.  The new bundle we signed inludes another rent-to-own.  No credit for allreayd having a PVR so of course we took the new unit as part of the deal....but the tech brought out one of the older 3400M units.


Not happy about it.  Its a step back, bigger, louder (and frankly smells a bit).  Which of the myriad departments should I call to voice concern and request a swap?  Billing....Sales....Tech....?


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Re: Which department to call about PVR model swap?


Hello, @BFlow


Thank you for posting your query in the Community. You don't have to call any department to swap the box, at your convenience you can take the box along with the power supply cord to the nearest Rogers Plus Store and swap it. 





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Re: Which department to call about PVR model swap?

@BFlow I don't believe Ontario has rent-to-own anymore, but I could be wrong. But as I recall, it worked out to a good deal because we got a 3-year warranty instead of 2 years if you bought the box.  As for Rogers giving you a 3400M instead of a 3510M box, did the offer say what model? Seems I can't access Rogers Atlantic and see what the offerings are.  I don't know if rent-to-own is different, but with regular rentals, you get refurbished boxes which you can keep exchanging when/if they don't work. But it still should say what model box you get and they should not substitute an older model.


As the Moderator suggested, you can always exchange a rental box at a Rogers store and don't accept an outdated model.  You can also bring up this question in the Rogers Cable - Atlantic Canada Forum on Digital Home. http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/44-rogers-cable-atlantic-canada/

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