Where did my data usage indicator go?

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Where did my data usage indicator go?

I recently bundled my cable, Internet and iPhone. They were grouped under the wireless account. The data usage bar for the Internet no longer appears and only the phone info appears. Is anyone able to help with this? Thanks in advance.


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Re: Where did my data usage indicator go?

When did you exactly do it?  Sometimes with changes like that, can take a day or two, to show up properly.


If it has been a while.. it may be, that the account numbers changed?


Log into your myrogers
click on the myrogers profile tab

then the account registration.

I would think, yours should look like mine

I have one listed for wireless there.. then one for internet/cable


If you dont have the internet/cable one.. you might have to try adding it back on.   You would need the seperate account number for this (usually on the bill)




Updated 2015


There should be a drop down for your multiple accounts to allow you to view your usage under your wireless and internet separately. 


This link demonstrates how to view your usage on your MyRogers account: http://www.rogers.com/web/support/account/internet-usage/349?setLanguage=en

I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 2

Re: Where did my data usage indicator go?



Thanks! I tried adding the Internet/Cable one but is says that it is already combined with another account (the wireless one). I'll wait a couple of days to see if it shows, if not then I'll just contact them directly.