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When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

I've Been Here Awhile

Hoping it will have a WAY better battery life than my Lumia 1020!!

A removeable/replaceable battery would be nice!??





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Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

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I got into Android because I was interested in the look and the concept of the widgets. After 3 months however I got frustrated with the user experience, widgets never seemed to update properly, was getting spam texts and virus alerts and was done. Don't think I will ever go back.


yeah iOS is lame. May have tons of apps but I like to tease friends about their baby toys lol.

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

Dude, what were you doing on your android to get virus alerts and spam text? LOL
I haven't had that for 4+ years of using android.

lol baby toys, Since I have a note 3, I always take my friend's iPhone and it fits INSIDE my screen. I smile and give them back and say "Here is your fisher price toy back" 😄
Always love the face they make after! Muahahaha

Take that phablet haters! Wooo!

So Windows has a Phablet class too. Which is probably what I would go for, since I need bigger screen.

But I hope the power is there too.
-- Do you remember, Samsung Mega? I don't want a Samsung Mega equivalent. That thing was bigger than note series but the power was 1/5 of what Note could do. 😐
(Cheaper too, but what's the point?)

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

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Hahaha using it normally! My fiancee was having the same issue at the time with her phone as well. She is still with Android though. She hates Apple and not a fan of the Windows phone start screen.


Haha thats funny! Great minds think alike 😄

At the end of the day you are stuck with a device for a couple of years so you might as well get something you like. Just bothers me when people are rudely ignorant over the device choice I made. I usually try to take the opportunity to show them all the cool stuff my phone does, and that after almost 3 years it still works well as the day I got it even with all the updates.


Yeah the Lumia 1520 was the phablet beast that was released, however it was never released by the carriers here. Which is too bad because from all the reviews people said it was awesome. Testimonials said they could use their L1520's as a daily driver with heavy usage for almost 3 days and still have lots of battery power left. I almost got one myself but decided to wait to see what devices are released with windows 10 mobile.


The Lumia 950XL is the rumored windows 10 mobile phablet sized flagship with a 3300 mAh battery. Rumours also say it will support that quick charge function and a Snapdragon 810 Processor.


I do not remember the Samsung Mega. But if there is no power to support that big of a phone, there really is no point.

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

Samsung Mega is not worth remembering 😉

950XL sounds like a ideal phone for me. I am still considering Note 5 to stick with the note series, we'll see how things work out 🙂

and yes, great minds do think alike haha.

So when you show people who the phone really is and what cool feature it has, what do they say? do they brush it off with bias statements or actually find it interesting?

A lot of people see Windows Phone as a downgrade (I did for a while but Not anymore - I was bias to Android)

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

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I'm leaning towards the 950XL myself. Depends on carrier availability and how much it costs if I have to buy it unlocked.


To be honest a lot of people think that windows phone sucks. they do exactly that, just brush it off with bias statements.  Wont give it the time of day or just dismisses it all together.  That's their problem though haha. I know how good it is. I was always trying different devices and operating systems, but now that I have used windows I can't see myself going back to anything else.  I have had some positive discussions with some people though about windows phones and what hopefully may happen with windows 10 and windows 10 mobile bridging app gap, new flagship devices, contiuum, microsoft suites like office integration, one cloud, and of course Cortana.


I think a lot of people think that windows is a downgrade, and I'm hoping with windows 10 mobile, new flagships and positive advertising through microsoft it helps change that perception.

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

First Priority: I want App support.
Second Priority: I want Live Cortana (Active listening) - My gf doesn't give me enough attention and has selective listening feature built into her... sad really, no OS upgrade on her. (I'm clearly joking - Real reason is Google Voice / Google Now is lame - no personification)
Third Priority: One Cloud Inegration
Fourth Priority: Phone has a Screen that comes somewhat close to Samsung Top of the Industry Super AMOLED Display (which iPhone doesn't even beat, regardless of who iPhone fan boys say)...



Oops I hit 'Post'.

I am hoping the full price cost of it is < 600$$ because I'll buy it straight out unlocked. Since Microsoft does unlocked phones at their store, hoping this will be available in Canada, that's all. That and HoloLens. That = win.

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

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I really hope there is more app support with windows 10. Honestly it is frustrating seeing people playing games or using apps that you can't use because they don't support windows phone.


There is active listening right now for Cortana with the most recent Lumia flagships, and I think it will continue with windows 10 flagships.


One cloud is definitely integrated with windows 10.


As for the screen, I was just reading that the new flagships are going to be packing Quad High Def screens which are "2K" screens. So I'm definitely interested in seeing what that looks like.


I too hope that the price is affordable enough for me to buy something unlocked OR hoping that Rogers carries both devices and just subsidize the one I want. I can't see it not being in Canada, but you never know. I remember reading somewhere that there are only approx 500,000 windows phone users in Canada.

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

I Plan to Stick Around

Being a Windows Phone fan from the original Samsung Focus I have been following your conversation with interest.


Since that original phone I have owned and used the Focus S, 520, 635, 640 (current work phone), 830, 920 and 1020. All have had their benefits. I currently carry the 640 as my work phone, the 830 as my personal phone and the 635 as my Zune (ipod).


I agree with you completely that Microsoft need to keep the upcoming flagship phones at a reasonable cost. From what I have read and heard we will not be beholden to the carriers with these phones. It is expected that Microsoft will be selling them directly to the consumer...unlocked. It is also believe that will have upgraded radio antennaes in them to use LTE on any GSM network.


I've become a firm believer in buying the phone outright. It gives me the ability to move to different carriers as prices improve. My 830 was with Rogers, but is now with a different carrier at half the price with far more. I will be saving around $800 a year. More than enough to buy a phone.....or two. Once again though, Microsoft need to keep these new flagships at a reasonable price.


I agree with the app shortage to a certain degree. There are however, in most cases, an app that will work quite nicely. There are even apps that I have available that my friends don't. As far as games go, using a Windows Phone gives you access to all of the Xbox games. Although for me a few basic word games are all I ever really play on my phone.


The only way I will change from Windows Phone is if Microsoft stop offering the OS. The live tiles, the ability to create a unique experience with the start menu, the intergration with Microsoft servcies all add up to a very personal experience.

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

500K users? O_o
That doesn't seem pleasing for developers to make apps.

I have met some developers in my field (programming) who are PRO Apple. And said will never port theirs apps to "third world" platform... o__o pretty harsh. Given that Microsoft isn't "Third world" hehe... I am gonna make them swallow their words!

Other thing I was focusing on was Sony Phones, yes they are android, but Playstation link.

but if I go Windows Phone, Xbox link. so bonus on either way.

It is a hard moment in life to give up my Note Saga. But slowly I am getting ready.

(Random Note: I don't like Master chief or Halo... it's not my thing)


Edit: "2K" screens or what not... means nothing, As long as the pixel density is decent, and I can watch 1080i (or 1080p) I am happy.


The rest is text and I can fumble with that without complaints.

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?



Almost all of Europe buys phone outright, there is no subsidy there (or not much anyway).
USA is starting to do this as well.
I assume we will soon follow the trend, however that depends on our dreadful canadian market.

I stopped being a phone-gamer and am switching back to console and pc gaming. so the game's aren't my concern but the Photo/Video apps and Productivity apps (beyong office) is what I feel the app shortage needs to be focused at.

Personal experience in any device = Win.
So most companies focus on that, with sometimes false impression of what customers want (I.e Apple and Samsung currently).

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

I Plan to Stick Around

I agree with you regarding the number of users on Windows Phone affecting App Developers choices. This hopefully will change with Windows 10 and the "universal apps". The same app can run on the phone, tablet and PC. Already there are 75 million people using WIndows 10 after 4 weeks of being released.


Don't worry about the photo/video apps. Lumia phones generally have exceptional cameras. To support these there are numerous Lumia photo / video apps that are quite excellent.


As far as productivity apps go, I don't know what you would need. I have not found my productivity lacking due to apps not being available. I will admit though that I do not and will not use Google services. But, that is my own personal choice. If I did use Google services I would have to make choices as Google refuse to support Windows Phone. Google do not supply an official You Tube app for Windows Phone. They went as far as ordering MS to take down the MS You Tube App. Having said that though there are some excellent third party apps for You Tube.

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Hey @Boardwalk


It will be great if we are not beholden to the carriers for the windows 10 devices. It was absolutely frustrating to see great devices and not be able to get them through the carrier as I didn't have funding for a device outright.


I too have looked into a different carrier I'm paying almost $200 for 2 phones at the moment and I don't know how much longer I will be able to sustain that cost. The ability to move carriers though is a great benefit to have if you find one that works well enough for you.


There are good 3rd party apps for windows phone. I use a bunch of the Rudy Huyn's apps and they work a lot better than the official ones. Also there are apps that I had to pay for on iOS but were free on windows phone (not sure how that worked out) I'm a XBox gamer so its nice to have xbox games that add to my gamer score and achievements.


That is really the only way I will change from Windows Phone as well. I really enjoy the user experience over every other operating system out there. I can see Microsoft developing the tech for a few more years and then eventually possibly let OEM's pick up the torch and making the devices.

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

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yeah according to a article I read on a windows site in the new year. Kinda hard to blame developers with a small userbase. Hopefully you make them eat their words. Don't understand why developers wouldn't want their apps to reach more users.


Here is an article I found about QHD screens. I'm sure it can explain it better than I can lol


oh the swipe texting on my phone is amazing. I don't think I have typed out a single message since I got that feature on my phone.

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

What's Google's issue with Microsoft? Fight in the playground during Recess? jeez.

Yea, for my personal life - Productivity app is meant for few things that wouldn't hinder me if its missing.

Photo/Video apps that I speak of are editors. Not "Filter and make pretty" types. I mean actual editors like mobile premiere with out adobe price tag.
Quite a few selection for Android on my Note 3.

Wishing something is similar.
If I go windows, I will still be using Google services on my PC and sync it with my outlook, so not an issue.

I am not one to jump carriers for few hiccups in the network or what not.
(Not saying that as a Rogers Employee, I always speak as a consumer...)

I have had Rogers services because of the work in technology, I am aware not everyone may feel that way but - My experience with rogers services is great.
Have I gotten no-data or LTE drop on my phone? Yes. Bad signal sometimes? Sure.
Failure of messages sent or other issues? Yes.
All in all, ends up my devices had issues, hiccups, or software related (I customize things a little too much that it break sometimes... hehe whoops)... I believe technology is MEANT to fail.
Regardless how hopeful we are, man-made product is not immortal nor is it ever perfect... (Perfection means it is the absolute best. And when did our phones become the "Absolute" best? we always have new network and new devices every year or two or so...)
Anyways, not trying to be religious about it. As we are a diverse country with many believes but the ground up statement is the same, man made product is meant to fail - we just hope that it doesn't on us. lol

So as for your Xbox game comment, are they like mini games on the side to add to your achievements? (I lost my gamer ID with the whole Microsoft Account Fiasca and pretty upset that I had to create a new one 😞 boo)

NO. PLEASE NO. No OEM should touch it. (in reference to other Manufacture making Windows phone)
One thing I TRULY like about APPLE (even though I despise their failing integrity) is that they are the manufacture of the Device/Hardware AND the OS (iOS) which makes it work hand-in-hand and all support is in-house apple.

With Samsung for example: Android issues are blamed at google. UI issue is fixed by "resets" and anything else, they either don't support or refer to service center and/or the carrier.

Not that I have much issues with samsung phones but when I do its... fun... very fun. x___x

So if Microsoft keeps their home brand Nokia intact (which I actually think the contracted ended right?) I think it would be a good step to move forward.


Dedicated Hardware/Software; THAT any OEM including Microsoft should copy from Apple. (Hardware and Software dedicated for eachother rather than "installed and patched")
Manufacture should copy/work on that, not the Device itself like Samsung is doing lol (Uniform body / loosing functional features, Samsung Pay... lulwut?)

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

-- Some one needs to show me how to use swipe. I type and I turn off autocorrect so I don't forget how to type proper english (which is still failing) lol

Thanks for the link, I'll read up on it 🙂

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

I Plan to Stick Around

The Lumia name is owned by Microsoft. They bought it a year or two ago. If fact the 640 is actually branded as Microsoft no Lumia. My experience is that the Lumia's are the best Windows Phone experience. The same reason you sighted with Apple. The new flagships are reported to have the new "Hello" feature. The camera will recognise you for siging in. Hopefully it will work amazingly (fingers crossed).


The Lumia apps include photo / app editors. I have the following on my phone:


Lumia Camera

Lumia Cinemagraph (editor)

Lumia Creative Studio (editor)

Lumia Living Images (editor)

Lumia Moments (editor)

Lumia Panaorama

Lumis Refocus (editor)

Lumia Selfie

Lumia Storyteller (editor)

Lumia Video Trimmer


Adobe Photoshop Express is also available as a free download.

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

Hey wow thanks for the list.
I probably am going into Microsoft Store to check out those features.

I will probably want to get some time to learn it.
I just upgraded my silly tablet to Windows 10. I have no idea what I am doing (My PC is still Windows 8.1 and I really like 8.1, never saw an issue with it)

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

I Plan to Stick Around

I agree with the update to Windows 10, I too enjoyed Windows 8.1


I have upgraded a desktop, a laptop (with touch screen) and a tablet and must admit I think it is an improvement for the desktop and the laptop.


However, for the tablet I think Windows 8.1 was superior. The side swipes on the tablet worked so well.





Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

Okay. So that's why I don't like Windows 10.
I only updated the Tablet. and I am asking myself "WHERE IS MY DESKTOP?!".
apparently in tablet mode, the start menu stays open for the whole time as there is no Desktop. x__x

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

I Plan to Stick Around

I might have a solution for your missing desk top on Windows 10.


1. Go to "settings"

2. Go to "Personalization"

3. Go to "Start"

4. Toggle off "Use Start Full Screen"


I found that turning this off and then pressing "tablet mode" my desktop is there

Re: When are we getting a Windows 10 phone from Rogers?

Oooo I did "Advance set up" rather and express and it never gave me the option.

I assume it due to the fact that my tablet is a straight up tablet. and it auto detected that.

Thanks @Boardwalk
🙂 🙂 🙂
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