When Enough is Enough!!!

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Well, I'm an old guy that understands some of this stuff but not a lot of the technical side of it. I just did that speed test like some of you did with these results


at least I think I did it right Smiley Indifferent

Looks really low compared to others on here, mine is Rogers Hi-speed Express.

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

bandit1200, you did everything right. The results look good for the old grandfathered express with 60 gb, but not for the current plans with the new D3 wireless modem.
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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

I often wondered when enough would be enough for me over the last year. I've been with Rogers for many years and, for the most part, they have been good to me.  Used to live in an old house and the Internet on Bell was laughable so we switched to Rogers and never looked back.  A few years ago we moved and when we did Bell contacted me offering two free HD receivers (one a PVR) if we switched back. Callerd Rogers and they waived the rental fees on the terminals on a yearly basis and renewed the offer without question.  Upgraded to Nextbox earlier this year and have had nothing but problems with it. Frequently deletes all saved programs...says no recorded content but 100% full. Call Rogers and get told to reset the box.  Same thing happens a week later. Call them and get told to reset the box. 


Ever Sunday evening for the last three months my Internet speeds have been very poor. calling support generated the same response every time, without fail. "The culprit is probably your 2 month old Linksys business class router".  I'm a systems engineer so I always reset the modem and the router and checked the router status and firmware before calling them. Same answer every time..."from what we can see here your modem is working properly". 


The last straw, for me, was a month ago when I called to ask about upgrading my wife's iPhone to a new iPhone 5...I was told they would waive half of the early upgrade fee on one call and provided a reference number.  When I got the phone and called to change the plan to one of the new ones I was told the system wasn't showing an early upgrade fee and given the same reference number as before. Got my bill and sure enough the full early upgrade fee was on the bill. Placed a call and was eventually told they would only offer the original half off I was quoted before upgraded with the comment that  I was "lucky to be getting anything off" by the rudest rep I've ever spoken to.  Asked for a manager review and got no response.  l spend $300 plus a month with Rogers and decided enough was enough. 


Bell is coming to install on Thursday and I'm getting more channels, faster Internet and home phone with more features for less money in the first year and comparable money in the second year. They probably have the same issues with customer service and I'm sure it won't be perfect. But I'll be watching the Walking Dead in HD on Sunday and I won't be paying Rogers for anything but my wife's cell phone after so I'm confident I'll be happier in the long run. 


The interesting part, to me, is how many phone calls, mailers and emails I've gotten from Rogers in the last 28 days begging me to stay...it would appear that the only time they care about you is when you actually have the guts to break up with them. 

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

That's because TELUS is the best! I have been with them for years and would never, EVER switch cell providers, EVER! Rogers & Bell my boyfriend has been with, and both have found numerous ways to stick their hands in his pockets and managed to pull out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!! As for TV, Bell was horrible, Cogeco isn't reliable and in my small town (that somehow classify's as a city), they are the only 2 Cable/Satellite Companies in my area, so I don't have much choice but stick with one or the other -.-
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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Hey stussi613

I have to say that I too was with rogers for over 20 years and I juust got fed up with the crap that has been going on since this new Nextbox crap came on board, they tried to bring a box that would be compared to the new technology, but it isn't and it never will be. They give you so much grieve and you pay them hundreds of dollars a month for a crappy service that they wont even offer all the HD channels that others are offering, I finally switched to Bell Fibe TV and have had them for the last month now and I have to say it is the BEST service I have ever seen, the quality is super amazing, crystal clear HD channels, all the SD channels that have the HD sub you get all the HD included, they dont charge you like rogers for HD packages, the Whole Home PVR is out of this world, so many features, so much you can do with them, People on here like gdkitty will say differently cause he doesnt want people to move on to other providers, and he will sit here and criticize other tv providers, but I can tell you my friend once you get your Fibe installed you can too see what I am talking about, I will never turn back to Rogers. I am also happy to finally see AMC on HD...

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Thank you for calling me out 😛


Truthfully in the end.. it doesnt matter to me if you choose another provider.  I dont work for rogers, i get nothing out of it.


I may say, that rogers is not as bad as others make it out to be, but i have NEVER said Fibe is bad.

All i have said, is that Fibe is not an option for everyone, as it is not available in all areas.

I have critisized bell satalite.  Perhaps while you might get the HD channels there too (since bell owns them), i will critisize the service, as myself and others that i know that had it, had a WORSE experience than rogers with it.


I 100% agree that is sucks that rogers doesnt have some channels that fibe does... but the difference is i understand the possibilities of WHY they dont. 


Thank you for putting words in my mouth.



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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Well GDkitty what he said is all true. That is ALL i am saying..



Anyways, back on topic here. I would like to see moreHD channels before Xmas or i am canceling my Cable with Rogers. Its trully not fair here at all.

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!


sorry if you feel that I put words into your mouth, that was not the case, I was just basically stating a fact from how you come across on these forums, first you always state that you DO NOT WORK for ROGERS, well the way you are usually negative about eveyone's comments it sure seems that you do work for them, but honestly I dont care if you do or dont, all I am saying is that rogers maybe once upon a LONG time ago was a good company that provided us with good quality service when there was nothing much more out there, but now that there is so much more choice and more competition, of course people are going to move on to other venues. I have to say that people are not stupid, they are fed up with the quality of service rogers is providing, let alone the quality of television services and the channels they are lacking of, Im sorry enough is enough!!! why pay an arm and a leg to a company that is not going to offer me what I want and still wanting to charge me so much money, when I can go else where and pay maybe the same amount of money, but I know for a fact that I am getting more for my money.. Sorry if you feel that people are putting words into your mouth, but the reality is we are fed up. and Its time that if you dont have something positive to say once in awhile then dont comment.. It seems that everything people say on here negatively about rogers, you seem to always say that you been one of the Lucky one's with no issues... so that is it... have yourself a great day and Happy Holidays...

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Say something positive?

The post that someone comes in here, having an issue, or complaining.. is not positive to start.  The only 'postitive' reply you could give per say to that, is agreeing with them on the complaining.
If i dont agree with them, i am not going to reply that way. 

While yes, what everyone post tends to be opinionated in the way that they have on the subject, i try to show MY view, my feelings, or my experiences on it. 

Person wants AMC HD... I (or others as well) state the reasons as to WHY they quite likely dont.  Does that help the person get AMC HD, etc? No... but it doesnt make it the WRONG answer either.. its stating information.  Just because someones doesnt get their way, doesnt mean that is an incorect response.
(and im not saying that all mine ARE correct either)


Do i talk negatively about rogers? No... not becasue im paid, or anything else.  Why?  Because, i DO have positive experiences from rogers.  So from my point of view, i am going to reccomend them, yes.
Do i see that others are having issues, yes.  But that shows that it comes down to each person/case is different.
My uncle swears by bell.. even loves their satalite..  i tell him they can shove it based on the experience that i had with them prior.   It all comes down to each persons experience.

Im sorry that my feelings on topics, dont necessarily match everyone elses.

But beacuse there is a post on something (Booo on feature X lets say).. doesnt mean, that every post in that thread, has to be agreeing, saying the same BOOO, etc.  Its a forum for discussion, and yes i may often have the opposite opintion on stuff.. but it doesnt make my opinion any less valid.


I am sorry, that i actualy try to explain and show reasons WHY things are happening.. not saying they are right or wrong, thats no my call to make.. but just WHY they are happening... and that makes people angry, because its not solving their issues.  Im sorry i am trying to arm people with having all the facts on a situation.  Im sorry i try to work with people on here.. and while it may not be the OPTIMAL things (say the having a stand alone modem vs a gatway issue), at least try to explain to them what the current options ARE and how best to get them working, with what we have available.



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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Hi GDkitty.

I sense you are upset, and this is the exact feeling others have when they post to these forums.

I gather some are put off by the fact that you tend to begin your (helpful) replies with "nope, the problem never happened to me ..." before offering your advice.

Those that are already upset may be more put off by what *may* be perceived as a lack of empathy.

Personally, I've read many of your posts and all your suggestions/recommendations sound spot on!

To this I say:

- don't get discouraged

- keep up the helpful advice

- but (and this may seem odd to say) don't be *too* positive when someone is complaining!

If I went to a store to complain, and the store kept smiling back at me while I was complaining, I would be a little miffed too!