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When Enough is Enough!!!

I Plan to Stick Around

Well I have come to a conclusion that no matter what we say, how much we get on here and complain and get frustrated with each other and with Rogers, it is not going to help resolve the many issues that myself and others are experiencing with ROGERS.. they just dont seem to grasp that customers are fed up, that we need to have something done, that we need more then a Nextbox to make us happy, Nextbox is a piece of crap, it is full of bugs and glitches and nothing but headaches.

We are not getting the HD channels that other providers are offering, let alone new channels that we been asking for are never going to get here.. I was looking forward to AMC HD to watch Breaking Bad's Season 3 and I guess that wont happen, as I noticed this morning on the Newspaper that it is only available as HD on Fibe... does that make sense??? oh well, What I am trying to say is that instead of getting frustrated and argue with anyone on here I am going to make the move and go to another Provider... and I guess Rogers will start getting the hint once the majority of their customers move on..... Trust me after so many years with Rogers... this is not what I was expecting... but I will be on my way...




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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!


I do understand.. and its not alot of money to them.. they should refund it, i agree.

But no matter WHAT provider you are on... ALWAYS check your bill, every month, line by line.  Should a person have to? No.
But i have seen it with at least 3 (telus, bell and rogers), always check bill every time, just to make sure everything is there, everything is right... that changes were applied correctly, etc.  I check mine monthly, even to make sure, ok, 10 mins of LD, when were those done? Oh this date, right, i was traveling here at that time, etc.

I actualy had the SAME thing as you.. after a plan switch, BOOM the magazine was back on.  Gave them a call the day the magazine came in, to make sure it was off again.

Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Same sort of situation for me.  They gave me a free HD PVR on a two year contract when I moved to my new home as a bonus for switching my television over from another (smaller and much better) provider.  It was all done over the phone, and the guy who came to install the service had me sign the contract as well as the installation stuff.  Up to this point, everything was great and I was very happy with everything.  I should also say overall I'm pretty happy with my services (when everything is working properly) and the price I pay.  My problems started when I realized they weren't honouring their end of the deal, and never intended to.


My first bill came and I wasn't getting the 15% VIP discount I was promised.  I called in and one rep after another said "no that's not right, we will fix that" before it finally got escalated to someone who explained that because they gave me the free PVR I was not eligible for the discount.  When I made the switch the sales rep told me I would be getting the discount as well as the PVR.  He went as far as to tell me exactly what I'd be paying a month, including the discount.  I went over that contract hundreds of times and there is NOTHING in there that says I'm not eligible for any other discounts or promotions as a result of recieving the free equipment.  I asked them to send me a copy of anything at all that I signed agreeing to a free PVR in exchange for the loss of my discount.  They couldn't.


A few months later they raised their prices.  I thought that was pretty interesting, considering there's a clause that actually IS in my contract (and everyone else's, by the way) that says I can opt out of my contract if they choose to change any of the terms.  When I called in to point it out, they argued for hours with me that my contract was only for a free HD PVR.  Since they didn't CHANGE that I would not be allowed out of my commitment.  Now I can understand when a rep is dealing with a difficult customer it might be hard to be resepectful, and I certainly feel for CSRs who have to deal with that every day.  I never raised my voice and remained calm for the entire call.  I was polite and asked every rep how they were doing before asking my questions (eventually for the tenth or eleventh time).  All I wanted was a person who could explain to me how the price increase could be possible.  EVERY rep I talked to was rude to me and treated me very poorly.  One suggested that I "go back to school and take a contract law class".  I don't need a class to know that when you enter into a written agreement there are two sides:  the service received, and the price you pay for those agreed upon services.  Change the price?  Change the contract.  Fail to disclose any portion of the contract?  Breach the contract.


What do you do?  Hire a lawyer to fight with them?  They know you won't.  Pay the absurd cancellation fee?  Probably not worth it.  I'm a pretty easy going guy, and I'm not normally the type to complain about any services I receive, but Rogers is breaking the law and getting away with it for some reason, and I wish someone could do something about it.  Five months left on my contract and I'm gone, never to return.  I can only hope I can find a smaller company that actually values their customers and treats them with some respect.

Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
I have looked into these things a bit and will at least explain my findings. Unfortunately they are not in our favor.

The contracts we sign, are often that we are locked in that we have to pay for x years in return for a special rate or item, but the contract usually doesn't usually say how much (if it did, we couldn't go to a lower plan then either). Just that we will pay for the x years.

The terms of service document, which we have to agree to to use the service (if we don't we technically can't use the service) says they can change prices at any time (at least last time I looked at it ).

Sadly, the customer is stuck. And you will find this fairly common with other companies as well :(. When you are looking, make sure to look at all the stuff including the ToU/ToS for them.

Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Again, not saying I agree with it, defending Rogers, etc.

Just that them, amongst others, have huge legal teams, which are able to write them selfs out of most thing with these legal documents.

What was it a user found in there recently. Something along the lines of Rogers is not liable for someone dieing if one of their hardware fails and causes it. 😛

Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Straight out of the terms of service:


"Unless otherwise specified in the Service Agreement, we may change, at any time, any charges, features, content, functionality, structure or any other aspects of the Services, as well as any term or provision of the Service Agreement, upon notice to you. If you do not accept a change to the affected Services, your sole remedy is to terminate the affected Services provided under the Service Agreement, within 30 days of your receipt of our notice of change to the Services."


Unfortunately there's no mention of paying termination fees in that clause, meaning anyone who's prices are changed while they're under a contract has the right to opt-out of their contract by cancelling the service with 30 days notice.  Nobody from Rogers ever argued that I was incorrect about the wording in the clause, they only ever argued about pricing having nothing to do with getting a free PVR and therefore wasn't eligible to cancel.  Immoral, illegal and downright dirty.  No other words to describe it.

Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

I'm an Enthusiast

Well, I'll throw my 2 cents into this, for what those 2 cents are worth...


I also cancelled my Cable TV, which is due to be disconnected on Feb 8th (I had to give that 30 days notice thing).  I had downgraded to Digital Basic Cable, and found that in a month we watched, on average, about an hour or two of cable TV.  Frankly, there is NOTHING on Cable TV (digital basic or VIP) that is not also available online.  With Netflix (US), Crackle (kinda crappy but still has some things) and things like Hulu+ - why would anyone with even a modicum of computer knowledge put up with one of Canada's main TV providers (Bell, Rogers, and Videotron)?  Even if you don't know computer technology all that well, you probably know someone who does.


Short of being in the boonies and not having access to hispeed internet or unlimited (see Teksavvy), Cable and/or satellite TV is useless.


Rogers gave me a $10 gift certificate when I told them why I wanted to cancel. During the conversation, the rep tried to convince me to keep the Digital Basic because it was important that I have local news.  I have a radio for emergencies, and the internet for everything else.

Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

I Plan to Stick Around

I use to use the internet alot more but not any more i get most of what i want on cable.

Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Ccrashh, i wont argue with you on that..., there are MANY people who are doing exactly what your doing..  I have a few friends which have, etc.

If i was by myself, i would most likely.

BUT not everyone is that way.  ANd while yes, they may have tech savvy friends who can set it up for them, etc.. it still comes down to the type of user, and how they want to do it.

Joe blow non computer user.. doesnt want to worry about a PC connected to a TV, have to turn it on, go to wherever (differet programs for different shows, etc), start streaming, etc.

Many average users, just want to power on, press the channel button they want, and there is their show.


Again, im not trying to argue.. i 100% agree on the bennifits of doing it the other way.  Its just not for everyone 🙂

Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

I Plan to Stick Around

Well MeowMix isnt that something their internal Q@A ( quality control monitoring ) should be doing why the **bleep** would we monitor their employees they dont give a **bleep**  I use to work for verizon here in canada and we got away with everything cause no one cared just like Rogers They dont care we quit 2 more join cause Bell or Shaw pissed them off

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