When Enough is Enough!!!

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Thats just it, while in general, the technology is the same.. it passes TCP/IP info across.. yes, that is the same.

There are on very different infrastructures.. Cable, twisted pair telephone, fibre, satalite, celular (even on celular there is HSPA vs gsm, etc).
Each of them connect differently, therefore require different hardware, which usualy tends to only support one type of connection, so is un usable on other ends.


While it would be great for them all to combine on one standard.. WHOSE? and who has that infrastructure? Who would be willing to pay for that new infrastructure where its not on others?  Not so easily done 😞

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

GDKitty and Pauly - let's just agree to disagree here. Yes, there are some internal infrastructure changes that would have to happen but these are not insurmountable. As far as a standard, that would have to be negotiated.


Pauly, just because you work "In the industry" doesn't make you an expert. I've dealt with a lot of so-called experts in systems technologies that are too hot headed to sit down, talk and listen. There are always options.

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Actually working in the industry DOES make me an expert, Your question is a good one, and believe me, there has been many talks in standardizing technology, but  whos gonna pay for it?  whos gonna pay to rip up the RG6 cable feeding to your houes and replace it with fibre optic? whos gonna pay to rip out the SA/Cisco headend equiptment and replace it with motorola so you can have more flexibility with STB choices,  also whos gonna explain to the other neighbours about the disruption in their services, what if they do not want to change over and you do? we are having a hard enough time getting people to switch off analog to the DTA-50 platform, its not that easy man, and guess what? I DO know what i am talking about and why this is not possible.  money talks, and not everyone will speak money language.

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

I would partialy have to disagree on the infrastructure part. 


You would be suprised at the COSTING on things.  I Had to get a rogers temp line burried at my house this year.. due to some issues with the 3rd party company that rogers uses for the burrials, i ended up actualy seeing the invoice.  $120 billed, for just 30 ft of higher grade TV cable run from the street to my house.  Thats with NO under driveways, etc.


We currently in the last year, have had true fibre installed into the building (fiber optic cable goes right to the server room, into a fibre interface, on a cisco router.

The closest meeting point for the fiber, luckily was down the street, across the street, only say 300 meters away.

The cost, to get the lines from there to our building? (not incuiding running inside the building).  About 25k.


Unless its a new subdivision, where something can be laid right away brand new when first put in.  Just one subdivision, could cost well over a million dollars, let alone a whole town, region, country.  No one wants to foot the bill 😞

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

When all you want to do is check your account online,

AND you can't get online because your password does not work any more (and it worked last month)

AND you get a password reset sent to your e-mail address via the website link, and the password reset does not work,

AND you try the sloooowwwww on-line chat service, and have to ID yourself, and it is a waste of time because it does not work anyway, even with an active chat agent telling you what to do, so you are advised to call customer support...

AND you phone customer support to eventually talk to a real person, and have to ID yourself AGAIN, and then get NOWHERE because ROGERS decided your residential account of over nine years is now a COMMERCIAL ACCOUNT (and the change was made WITHOUT notification or explanation), and you are told that the password reset via e-mail will not work for a commercial account (which the password reset link NEVER TOLD ME), and the residential account rep CANNOT do the switch back of my account to residential, nor reset my "commercial account" password either, but maybe you can be redirected to a commercial customer service rep who can help...

AND you sit on hold, and start talking with a business customer support rep, and have to ID yourself AGAIN, explain the situation (all of the above), and then get told by the business customer support person that they CAN'T provide a password reset, and you CAN'T get your business account changed back to "residential" either, but maybe you can use the online CHAT for business customers to get a password reset....,

AND so you start another slooooowwww CHAT session with a business support chat person, and have to ID yourself YET AGAIN...and finally get around to getting the password actually reset to "rogers1" ....

WHEN IT TAKES over a half-hour to get something as simple as a password reset done, yet your account is probably still mislabeled as "commercial"...

THEN it is time to say "Enough is enough!"


I have switched my mobile service provider, for obvious reasons. 


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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

I don't think it's unreasonable for anyone to expect them to foot the bill to upgrade their own dated infrastructure.  Nobdody should be jaded into believing that cost won't just get passed onto the customer whether they make the changes or not.


Their business model hasn't changed for years.  Rope people into contracts with terms they themselves do not honour.  Give people outdated or inferior equipment at highly inflated prices.  Only offer a level of service that competes with , but rarely exceeds direct major competitors.


If their customers aren't expecting more out of them, they're not aware of what's happening.

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

I Agree it is time to get the H*** out of rogers, I already did with phone where my 25$ plan has started to go over 40. Now it is Cable there are numerous outage, and Each time I complain it becoes ok otherwise I have seen it goes into days...This Fourm does not have a sticky for outage,. And there is perhaps no way you cna ne sure of the serices status of Rogers. To make sure its not you TV but these days all have >2 tvs to establish that...


If EVER to get to speak to a person, They are not knowldge able. AND I can not underatnd them half of the time. Rogers is putting up new business out (Home monitoring e.g.) but can not handle thier core busienss.WHO IS GIVING THEM THIS ADVISE???

go back to your original business and do what you do good. RIM also got into otherbusijess like buy sports teams and lost focus and demise of roger is near perhaps before the world ends OR my channel comes back??


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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Hello gettingout1

As much as I do agree with you. I can barely understand the words you say as they are not put in correcly and they seem not to be proper english. Not bashing you are anything like that, just saying its hard for someone to read your post as its not proper english and some sentences do not make sense.

Anyways I do agree that Rogers has many faults. The problem is that Rogers does not have a live feature in where it shows what outages people are having and issues that we are having. The forums are made for users to come here and ask or tell what is going on.

I am about to leave Rogers as well. It seems they only care about they money they make. Cable is a disaster in the making and the NEW IPG is garbage let alone all the modems they carry are garbage as well!. Rogers claims they are the first in everything right? I guess they can claim they are the first of losing customers as they can not handle it anymore.
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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

After reading through this whole thread I agree with everything everyone else has said.

In 2012 I made a promise to myself, that I wouldn't put up with this anymore.

I had been a Rogers customer for almost 25 years in some shape or form. It started with a pager in my late teens, moved onto various cell phones and when I moved out I had cable.


Last year after 25 years of cell phone service and lot's of issues and no resolve I left, I even went through retentions first but they seemed to think that my 25 years of customer loyality was simply worth very little in terms of reward.


Now after 7 months with a new provider in terms of cell phone service I was looking to make a change with my final Rogers service, Cable. I was fed up and had done my research. I've owned a TiVo, I've used Dish Network in the US with family there. I know what Bell has to offer and seen what Videotron has in Quebec. All in all the hardware out there is way better than what Rogers has to offer. As well I've waited 3 years for AMC to come in HD.


The final straw was when my 12 month 25% deal ended with Rogers and they didnt have another deal to offer. So with internet service other than Rogers I'm switching to other Cable options, and there are others out there.








So I called to cancel my cable yesterday expressing my concerns about the technology and the fact that the money they charge isn't worth what I'm getting. The retention guy actually tried to argue with me that it is and that the technology is worth it.

I mentioned to him that he might want to read posts on his own board then, or on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc.


So I'm then told it takes 30 days to cancel the service because of the vast infastructure they have. I asked what he meant by that because to deactivate my service the guy just goes outside to the cable box and unscrews the connection. I know this because to "activate" my service I was out back with him and watched him screw in the cable.


And now a day after cancelling my service after saying the boxes are garbage, my PVR has gone flat and keeps booting showing numbers counting down and as I sit on hold now at the 45 min mark for the second time waiting to talk to cable support all of the social networks are going crazy talking about how Rogers Internet and Wirless service has been down for the last 4/5 hours in all of Ontario. 


This is not a company that cares about it's consumers or innovation anymore and I will not rest now in helping everyone I know switch off of them for other options.

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Similar to jblaze above, I think I've been with Rogers forever.  I have been quite loyal and dealt with the hardware issues, the network issues and have given them the botd every time but it's getting very hard to continue.  I understand the complexities of infrastructure and that's why I've stayed this long.


However, they get roughly 200 of my dollars a month for cable and internet and rentals, and thats a consiberable amount in the big picture.  Works out to 2 1/2 grand or so year.  Yet they persist to call and want more and refuse tl stop despite repeated requests to not call.  Im big and old and ugly enough to know what I want and will check and ask when I need something changed or different.


But ffs...just stop calling me.