When Enough is Enough!!!

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

That may be partialy it too.
I come from, originaly, a retail/customer service background.

You are pretty much TRAINED to keep smiling, even if the person is yelling at you.  No matter how much you want to tell off the person yelling at you, you  have to keep a level head and be polite and nice.


When i post that i am not having that problem.. i am not doing so, to say "neener neener i dont have that issue" or anything like that.. and if anyone does take it that way, i appologise.

Really i only say it, for the fact that it HASNT happened to me... and/or the fact that it maybe ISNT a global issue.  I can understand where the OP or current person, could not find it helpful.... but i try to post it there, not only for them, but for the next person looking at the thread... that they see.. yes, it COULD be an issue, maybe, but not EVERYONE has that problem.


On other forums.. i used to start off with the 'empatthetic' intro "Im sorry to hear you are having this issue" type of thing.. and i was perceived as comming off FAKE with it, so i stoped 😛 


Thank you though Speedy... in the end, im really here to help people..

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Alright guys. Lets stay on-topic please. IF you guys want to argue / say something, do it over a private message. Thanks.

AS for the main thread, My girlfriend spoke to a Cable csr this afternoon. I must say this rep may get fired for the way she acted / spoke. I have NEVER ever heard a rep swear / insult a customer because they are calling in making a complaint about the remote not working properly. If this is how customer service at Rogers is, i would file a huge complain / law suit. Thankfully she recorded the convo & hopefully CP24 posts it tomorrow on TV or their website. She already spoke to a Manager & mailed the Office of the President.

Shame on Rogers for this. I wonder what they are going to say. All she did was call to say that the remote is having issues. 😕
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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

I have to say that I respect Gdkitty as much as anyone who posts on these boards. We may not always agree, yet I think we agree on many things. All I can say is that Rogers still needs to start respecting their customers.  Their D3 modems are basically garbage in that they do not, in any way, shape, or form live up to their advertising. People with both the 8642 and 8300 PVRs are experiencing nothing but trouble with updates and terrible service. Quite simply, it is time for Roger to GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER!. If they cannot do this, then it is simple - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

I have to agree IHR!. Their D3 modems are garbage. They do NOT care nor seem to even want to change it. It seems the ONLY thing they care about is the money they get. What will happen when everyone will start noticing the garbage they are giving their customers. I soon will cancel my Cable & Internet for another provider. Not every provider is good BUT Rogers has it the worse.
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Community Manager
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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

While we appreciate everyone's contributions to the Community and their continuing participation we do require all posts to stay Courteous, On-Topic and Technical in nature.


There are specific topic boards and threads for any and all levels of concern and advice. Lets keep further discussion to those specific threads and let this one come to an end.


Thanks everyone 🙂



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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!


What? A CSR actually swore at your GF? I hope you got his/her name and complained to his/her manager!

They claim some of these calls are recorded ... mayb e another avenue to look into?



Really now. This is the second time this week a Roger's rept. have posted on the forums just to tell people to stay on topic ...

instead of say, giving helpful advice. If our positions were reversed, how would *you* feel about Rogers Customer Service???

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

Hello Speedy1701

That is correct. I spoke to 2 different Managers last night. She explained what happend and even had them listen to the recording. They told her that they will look into this and do their own investigation. We both filed a huge complaint with the CCTS and my girlfriend went as far as contact disgusting This is disgusting to even listen to.
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Re: When Enough is Enough!!![

This is the final straw with this so called communicatins giant, the self professed industry leader, HA!! leading at what exactly? All I ever have is problems, with the TV cable especially. I have had the entire house from the cable box on the street to the house and the entire house itself rewired with brand new cabling and still I have nothing but choppy television stations coming in and crappy HD. The final straw was when the one show that I love to watch was having its mid season finally tonight, The walking Dead, and all I could see was bits and pieces of the show because the cable is **bleep**. I have decided and I hope that others would decide the same and that is to change their provider to another company that can at least provide most of what they claim to be able to.

The service I was paying for sure as **bleep** wasn't worth the money.

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

When you do get a wonderful representative who is very helpful - It is also wise to speak with their manager or relay the message somehow so that they get noted for their good work.  It is equally important to praise those who do a great job.  🙂

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Re: When Enough is Enough!!!

My son-in-law used to work in support. He was very good at his job. Once he help a customer solve his problem that no other CSR could solve. He want to talk to son-in-laws boss to let him know about the great job he did at resolving his issue. Son-in-law attempted to ask that the customer not do that as they would take it as a negative on his file. Customer didn't listen, called his boss a few days later. The result was son-in-law received a market against him on his record because a 'complaint' (not!) was received. Very 'robotic' system. Luckily he doesn't work for that communication company anymore.