Whats Changing in Speed and Caps and R.O.D?

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Whats Changing in Speed and Caps and R.O.D?

I've heard that my current package when the salesman was here that all the packages will receive an increase in speed and data usage. Does this happen March 1st 2012?

Even with the increase in DATA if there is it will not get anyone to signup for ROGERS on DEMAND because there is not enough DATA available without cost to the consumer to watch a couple On Demand shows.

maybe one more off topic..... Is rogers truthfully going to comply with CRTC and stop traffic management or traffic shaping?


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Re: Whats Changing in Speed and Caps and R.O.D?

The speed increase, i beleive is already live.. but you need to have the newer modem/router to be able to take advantage of it.


I think the major push for rogers on demand for them.. is for people with both their cable and internet with rogers... if you have rogers cable as well, you can access on demand anyways, wiehter from your TV or then your computer..
Agree'd, alot of the stuff on their is older, and if you want newer, you have to pay for it.. but thats no different than prior to on demand services.. you would have had to go out and rent the video if it just came out 😛

As from a few rep posts i have seen on here, yes they have stated they are going to stop..  sorta skirted around how and why they were doing it to begin with, but said that 'due to emerging technologies using these technologies, they will stop shaping that usage' or something to that effect.