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What's the time limit to return a modem after cancelling Rogers internet?

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I spent an hour on the phone yesterday only to be diconnected while on hold trying to figure out why I was being billed for internet for Aug 24-Sept 23 when I cancelled my internet and my last connected day was Aug 21st.


After more than 40 minutes just waiting for a customer support person to reboot her computer 5 times 'because it was slow and she couldn't access my account" I was transferred to customer relations.


More questions and a failed sales pitch to try and get me back, I just said I wanted the charge reversed because I stopped using their service on Aug 21st.


Long story short, they told me that because I did not return my modem within 5 days of my last day of service, they assume the account is still active and continue to bill me for my internet and modem.


At no point when I cancelled was I ever given a deadline of 5 days to bring my modem back or else they continue to bill me as though I never cancelled their service.


I argued with them, told them they can't bill me for a service I cancelled following the terms of their service agreement "because I still have the modem" and there is no activity on my line since Aug 21st agreed upon.


When I asked to speak to a manager, I was put on hold and disconnected.


Top top it off, they put me on the line with who I assume is a trainee because I could hear someone coaching her on the line.....sounded like her headset microphone was picking up what we being said into her earpiece.


They are willing to give up possibly hundreds of dollars of revenue to keep me as a customer by slashing fees but they'll argue with me for close to half and hour over $41!!!


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Re: What's the time limit to return a modem after cancelling Rogers internet?

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Not sure how/if there is a specific time limit.. but i am sure there is one (just dont think its quite 5 days).. but if you don't return the modem within a short period of time after its canceled..  They assume the person is NOT going to return it, and will often charge you the purchase price of the modem.

Re: What's the time limit to return a modem after cancelling Rogers internet?

Thanks for the speedy reply. I may take the time to call back and fight my case with them to reverse the charge.


Nowhere does it say I have 5 days and it was a total shock to me when they told me that. They said I should have been told and my reply was that the only thing any operator was worried about was how they were going to keep my business. NOT what to do when my 30 days notice was up. They even tried the sales pitch on me yesterday when I was calling to dispute the charge and did the old "I see in our system you switched for another provider, can I ask why?"


The last person I spoke to said they tried calling me several times. When I see a Rogers 1-800 number after I cancel, it's them trying to get me back and they called twice a day for 2 weeks!!! Nobody left me a message, nobody sent me a reminder. Nothing.


So I'll take the modem back to a store today and I'll call them back tomorrow and state my case again.



Re: What's the time limit to return a modem after cancelling Rogers internet?

Yeah, make sure to take it back, before you try to do anything else...
They cant claim anything more, if you dont have it, etc.


Make sure to get a RECEIPT when you drop it off, that it has been dropped off.  Make sure the person logs into the computer, checks your account, etc, and gives you a recepit.


Just so you have proof of the return.

Re: What's the time limit to return a modem after cancelling Rogers internet?

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I don't believe not returning you modem effects a cancel date or billing time.  


Have you got a bill stating it was a final bill?  final bill may have prorated credit for that time... 


I do know if EQP isn't return by final bill being printed your charged for the eqp till it's returned then it will be credited back 

Re: What's the time limit to return a modem after cancelling Rogers internet?

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In July I called Rogers and told them that I will cancelled my internet and home phone service with Rogers on August 1. Then I tried to return the equipment to Rogers store in August 2 around 4pm I was told they can't cancel my internet and home phone service. They mentioned that my home phone need to be ported to new provider first. But at this time my phone number was already ported to my new provider (in the morning I already received confirmation that my phone number was  ported) and Rogers already called me 10 day before asking a permission for my phone number to be ported to another provider. So I drove home because I booked internet installation on this day. After installation was done I drove to Rogers store and returned all equipment    just before store was closed (I stayed in line for almost  two hours). I got a receipt for this dated August 2. Later I chatted with Rogers billing agent over Live Chat about my balance. She told me that I will be charged from August 2  to August 4 because I returned the equipment on August 3. I sad I have a receipt dated August 2. She told me even I cancelled my Rogers service I need to pay my invoice for next month ( I was billed for internet and home phone service until September 1) first and get a credit for internet and home phone service on September's invoice. Just after this I can discuss all issues and apply for refund. She doesn't want to discuss why system show that I returned the equipment on August 3 even I have a receipt dated August 2.

Re: What's the time limit to return a modem after cancelling Rogers internet?

Hi @fish2


Welcome to the Community Forums and thank you for posting!


Sounds like you had a bit of a run around, we'd like to look into your account and confirm the details for your final bill and the equipment return details.


Please send us a private message @CommunityHelps the next time you're online and we can go over the details for you. For more information on our private messaging system check out our blog.



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