What's the fee/gouge gonna be?

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What's the fee/gouge gonna be?

So I see while browsing Rogers site for an unrelated item, that here in NB Rogers is offering a competing deal with bell.


$99.95 mth for three years. Net, cable, home phone and some fancy box.

Knowing from others about Rogers gouge history / omissions  after agreeing to a price and then a fee for canceling because one didn't know they were in a contract.


I started searching the fine print and the print finer than that and could not find a solution and was getting red eyed. Really no mention at all regarding cancellation except in the broad Terms and Conditions pdf that mentions in lawyer talk about "may", "if" depending on the colour of your shirt the day you sign up on.


So I gave up and called and talked to a rep and after his spiel I asked:

"If I take the $99.95 price for 36 mths and then for whatever reason in say 8 mths I don't want it , what's the repercussions, what's the fee gonna be ."


He said they don't have cancel fees anymore (don't believe it, says so in terms and conditions) and he didn't say zero.

I told him that bell list it upfront "no cancellation fees" and that I could not find it in written in any of Rogers documents on their site and could he provide a link that I could read it from.


He said something like "when you sign up they will send you a confirmation email that will list the deal and conditions".

I  said I wanted to see it in print and have a personal copy on hand before I agree to buy,  like bellaliant does . Bell List upfront in regular print   "no cancellation fees."


I kept getting taken off point and never got a truthful answer to my liking and understanding.


To me if they won't put it up front and center then there has to be a catch .


Any opinions?

What will happen if I take the deal and then decide at a later date I don't like it and want out?


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Re: What's the fee/gouge gonna be?

It is true that there are no contracts any more on the regular bundling like that many more.
Some retention deals, etc still do, any existing contracts still exist.

For canceling, the only fees you should see are the normal cancel fee that everyone pays $15 or something like that. And you have to pay 30 days past your notice of cancelation (doesn't have to be disconnected till that 30 days is done tho)
(People are fighting the crtc to get them to remove the 30 day thing too)

Rogers Employee IMC
Rogers Employee
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Re: What's the fee/gouge gonna be?

Also, don't forget that if you cancel you'll have to pay off any "subsidy" that still exists for your phone--if there is one

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Re: What's the fee/gouge gonna be?

Hello IMC

The OP is talking about Cable, Internet and Home Phone. None of those have a subsidy. Only a Wireless phone does.

Some Cable plans ( Older ones) have cancellation fees depending on the contract you entered and the other services.