What is a "Discount"?

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What is a "Discount"?

On the new bill, it itemizes everything that is "discounted."  It appears that everything that is a discount is contained in that number.


The question is, should it be?  


In my case there is $3 that was for Call Fwd/Xfr.  My service contract says it is included so isn't it a little disengenius for this to show up as a savings?  There is also a $10 discount that was ordered by the CCTS for a LD dispute.  This isn't a true discount.  To me, this is akin to Rogers saying, you will be charged $1Million SAF but you get it "discounted" every month with a $1Million discount line.  In the end, I don't really save as much as they show.




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Re: What is a "Discount"?

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Re: What is a "Discount"?

The LD dispute may be another thing.

But the other charge, That is often fairly normal.. in 'included' type pacakges.

Pretty much, if there is ever any packages, which are up/over/beyond what the basic main thing is..
So like with say TV.. same sort of thing like "VIP TV with free PVR rental".
The rental will show up... then be discounted.
Because the base package thing does not include it.. its something extra.. so its added on.. then subtracted off.

It does make for a more confusing bill sometimes..
Specially when you have % dicounts too... on mine, say for TV.. i have the TV package, the 3 boxes, etc.. i have like 3 extra lines for all the discounts.