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What is Error Code: "ER:52" or "ER:522"?

I'm Here A Lot

My Rogers 4K HD PVR Nextbox CAV10455HD is stuck in a loader loop with an error code of "ER:52" or .  Anyone know the meaning of this error code?


I have replaced the hard drive but the problem persists. Attempts to redownload the staging firmware also fail with the device stuck in "Pending" status. Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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Re: What is Error Code: "ER:52" or "ER:522"?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Have you been able to check the signal strength at your home?  Do you have another working box that you can put at this location to check the signal?  You can call Rogers and have them check the signal remotely. Here's a link to a post concerning signal.  Also check with your neighbours to see if they have any issues.

Re: What is Error Code: "ER:52" or "ER:522"?

I'm Here A Lot

Thanks 57!


My signals are confirmed bad, bad, bad. There is also water in the line that could snap the line anytime we have a deep freeze. Issue was escalated on Saturday and am expecting permanent fix today hopefully.


I am currently running a 9865 in place of the CAV10455HD and no issues noted so far. I took the hard drive out of the CAV10455HD and used it reformatted in the 9865.



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