What happened to the Data & Voice Rocket Hub?

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What happened to the Data & Voice Rocket Hub?

Just noticed that there is no longer a Rocket Hub that offers both data & voice, nor is there an associated plan.  Is Rogers backing out of the offering completely or is there a hardware change coming so it's temporarily offline as an offering?


I presently have the data/voice hub as it's the only cost reasonable option where I live (in a forest, in the country), and I would hate to see this disappear.

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Re: What happened to the Data & Voice Rocket Hub?




The ZTE MF271 offers both data and voice.


Alternatively.. if that one is not available in your area for whatever reason.. rogers IS offering this now as well.


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Re: What happened to the Data & Voice Rocket Hub?



as a long-time owner and user of the Rogers W35 RocketHub, I was interested to note your recommendation of the ZTE MF28B as a functional replacement for the older line of Rogers RocketHubs.


I Googled the MF28B, and found lots of information on its data capabilities, but did not notice any mention of any voice telephone capabilities..  In fact that was the way I remembered the ZTE device.


The reviews of the device on the Rogers website are decidedly mixed:




Some of the reviews mention poor data performance and the need to reset the device often.  I am guessing this is no different than what we are used to with the other, older RocketHub devices.  I believe this is caused by the poor performance of the Rogers "world's fastest network" which does not seem to be able to handle the periodic peak loading caused by the plethora of smart phone users out there.


Rogers is happy to collect the world's highest cell phone rates, but cannot, it seems build out its network infrastructure to match either its marketing claims or its cell phone rate structure.


For those of us who use an existing RocketHub with an external antenna because we are in a low cellular signal strength area, the ZTE MF28B is not much of an option as it does not seem to have a connection for an external antenna, which would be mandatory for use in many rural areas.  In addition, LTE is not available in most rural areas anyway, so the supposed "advantage" of this newer device is probably moot in many areas of Canada in any event.


The WiFi capabilities of the MF28B are reported to be poor, and seem to compare to those of other Rogers modem/router combinations.  I should point out that the older RocketHub devices do not have any reported WiFi issues as all in my experience.


I also looked at the other URL you mentioned.  That option offers only voice telephone, and no data capabilities, I believe.  It does look interesting from a pricing point of view, although I will need to check it out.  I'm wondering if that option has an external antenna connection option for those of us who are in a low cellular signal strength area where normal cell phones do not reliably work.


I wonder as well what the competing offerings are from other companies.  But this is probably not the appropriate venue for a discussion of that Smiley Wink




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Re: What happened to the Data & Voice Rocket Hub?

Just to add to what skinorth says, do not be mislead by Roger's coverage map. I live in a rural area in Halton (Ontario) which shows me as living smack dab in the middle of  an "LTE MAX" zone. I bought my ZTE MF28B on that understanding. Only later did I discover the folly of my ways when I could not link up to any LTE towers (standard or MAX) in my area. To add insult to injury, Rogers claims in its technical specs on the Rocket Hub that it can link up to an external antenna. They lie! There is nowhere to attach the cell Yagi antenna which I have attached to the side of my house and now just sits there like a sore thumb.


Thanks Rogers!!!  😕

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Re: What happened to the Data & Voice Rocket Hub?

"I'm wondering if that option has an external antenna connection option for those of us who are in a low cellular signal strength area where normal cell phones do not reliably work."


I have the Rogers Wireless Home Phone and have been using it now for two weeks.  I did use the phone on the rocket hub and my hub is equiped with an outdoor antenna and the tower I point at is 14 km away because its the only tower I can point at without interference from nearby trees & forests.   I am assuming that since the internet feeds off that 14km tower so did the phone service so I was concerned that the new device would not work even though it has its own antenna.  I looked at all the towers around me and I have 4.  They are at 16km, 14km, 10 km and 4 km.   Since installing the device it has worked flawless and you can't tell its not a landline service.   The antenna connection on this device resembles the shape and size found on wireless routers so I am assuming one could attach an outdoor antenna if needed.  I didn't need the outdoor antenna because I think now the device is calling upon the 4km tower for its service.   If you order this thing you have 15 days and or 30 minutes of use to return it or its yours.  








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Re: What happened to the Data & Voice Rocket Hub?

Sorry, not often in this section, so didnt see the other replies.

I only mentioned the VOICE part from the new rockethub, due to on THIS Page https://www.orderrogers.ca/rocket/?province=ON "unlimited local calling and more from your home phone"

but fail to see more detail on the phone part of it otherwise... so i could be wrong, and sorry if misslead anyone in the wrong way


As you said, OVERALL, ANY wireless service.. is only as good as your connection. Signal, Stability, etc all come into play... if any of these are an isseue, you will have issues with your services.  Make sure, whatever company you choose to do these services with, your signal is decent, etc first.

The wireless home phone, is relitively new, from what i have seen. Again.. only as good as your connection. Pretty much just a cell phone with a phone jack pretty much 😛

Good to know from Eddy's response, that there is an external antenna port on it.

That i have SEEN there is not many others offering this.. only other one being Fido (which is rogers anyways)