What does Samsung S5 Network Operators mean?

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Re: What does Samsung S5 Network Operators mean?

Hello EhmTeeEhf

Can you please provide a link or source to this claim please? Rogers has not announced this live nor has any Mobile blogging site has either. The only thing i see is the Roam Like Home feature which is $5 a day. IF Rogers has not announced this at all or has gone public about it then its false information that is being posted as some will believe it & get charged meanwhile a Rogers employee is saying otherwise. ( Just saying IF this is just a rumor. Not accusing you or anything :).)

Thank you.
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Re: What does Samsung S5 Network Operators mean?

Sorry for getting back to you so late. I do not have an actual document i can link to you but in one of our meetings i was advised that customers who were charged roaming would get these charges reversed, additionally they mentioned that something on the back end of the network was updated so when you connected to AT&T and they recognized you as a rogers customer, initially you would be charged for the fees but they would be reversed. They did not specify if you had to call in with your bill. But i will look further into it when i am back into the office and post when i can.