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Weird Issue on My Galaxy SIII

I've Been Around

One of friends could not call me through from his phone (we both use rogers), but everybody else could. Now I changed a new number. The friend can call me through, but another one friend cannot. For sure, I did not reject them! Where is the problem, and how to solve? Anybody can give suggestions? Rogers support team suggested me to take out the battery 5 minutes after they refreshed my phone, but it doesn't work. So, any suggestions? Thank you.


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Hui Yan

Re: Weird Issue on My Galaxy SIII

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Hello yolan-yan

Have you tried taking out the sim card with the battery & then putting the sim card back & the battery back to restart the phone & see what it does? If not then try that. If it still does it, try to do a factory reset on the phone. You will lose everything so i suggest backing it up with Samsung Kies on your desktop. This most likely will fix the issues. It could also be on Rogers end as well. It may be your friends phone as well. Many factors play in this so no one can give you a exact answer. Try the steps i gave you & see if those work.
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