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Weather App removal from RSHM Touchpad

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hey everyone.

I just got a email regarding the removal of the Weather App on the Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Touchpad.

" Please note that as of July 27, 2018, The Weather Channel app will no longer be available on your Smart Home Monitoring touchpad. The application has not been updated by the developer, and will therefore no longer be available. In order to ensure the most reliable performance of your Smart Home Monitoring system, it will be removed as of this date.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. All other aspects of your Rogers Smart Home Monitoring service remain the same. If you wish to respond to this notice or, if you have any questions, concerns or wish to modify, cancel or enhance your Rogers Smart Home Monitoring service, please visit for a list of ways to reach us. We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Rogers.".

To Rogers. Will Rogers replace the app with another weather App? This is very useful to some that leave it on the app during the day / night or want to check the weather using the Touchpad. This is one reason why the Touchpad has been used for.

Re: Weather App removal from RSHM Touchpad

I've Been Here Awhile

Also, my email had a salutation of  Dear Daniel  


However in French, it said madame, monsieur...

My name isn't Daniel.....

Re: Weather App removal from RSHM Touchpad


Hello @Meowmix & @mee6,


@mee6, welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


I can understand how inconvenient it can be to lose the Weather App from your Smart Home Monitoring system.


At this time, we have not been made aware of any plans to replace the current Weather App. If this changes at any point in the future we will keep the Community updated. 


@mee6, please send us a Private Message so we can take a look at this for you as it is very odd that the email was not addressed to you specifically. If you are not familiar with our Private Messaging system please Click Here.





Re: Weather App removal from RSHM Touchpad

My email for this had my WIFES name on it.
She is a secondary person on the account.. she has the only cell phone on the account, etc.
Perhaps it picked up on mine from this?
Is there a Daniel anywhere on your account? one of the cell phones?

Hopefully we will get something else.. 
Guess it depends on if there is a developer for the platform 😛

Re: Weather App removal from RSHM Touchpad

My weather app has disappeared. I tried adding a new app but the system did not allow me. I deleted a couple of apps thinking I may need the space but still was not given a choice. I read the other review saying a new weather app is available but I cannot find it.

Re: Weather App removal from RSHM Touchpad

I've Been Here Awhile

We left this on as our home page for the tablet as it was very handy to have in the kitchen. The two best apps: traffic and weather have both disappeared since we got the security system. Please acquire another weather app; I'm sure the huge revenue you generate would allow you to obtain a replacement.

Re: Weather App removal from RSHM Touchpad

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @bobkamino1

I agree with you. However Rogers plays a small part here. The application developers are responsible for any updates on the apps for security and any bug issues.

If Rogers has told them to update the up and they haven't or the contract expired and the developers no longer want the app on the tablet, Rogers has to remove it from all RSHM tablets.

It sucks as i used the weather app alot and so did my family. They should be able to launch another app for weather atleast.
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