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Weak LTE Signal Recently

I Plan to Stick Around

I live near Eglinton and Chaplin in Toronto.  Recently my LTE signal has gone from 2 bars in the house to 1 or 3G (no LTE).  This only started happening about a month ago after working OK (max 3 bars in the house) for years.  This is with various iPhone 5S devices running IOS 8.3 .


Please report this to the network/tower group as it only just happended and appears as if some tower is not broadcasting LTE any longer.  There is construction for the Eglinton subway in the area but I'm not sure if that's related or not.




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Re: Weak LTE Signal Recently

Welcome to the Community @xiongnu


Have you completed any troubleshooting such as rebooting the device or resetting the network settings?


Have you noticed this everywhere is High Park? or just a specific location such as your house etc?


Also, some information regarding if this issue is affecting the peformance of the service would be great aswell(slow browsing etc)