Watching Rogers digital channels on Computer

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Watching Rogers digital channels on Computer

I am a Rogers digital TV subscriber.  Does anyone know if it is possible to have the digital channels fed into Computer so that all the digital channels can be viewed from the Computer instead of TV ?


I can watch TV from the computer now by feeding the Rogers cable into my computer TV tuner.  However, I believe this setup can only gives me analog channels instead of digital.


Any tips and hints will be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Watching Rogers digital channels on Computer

Hi Kermit1,


This is very simple to do.


Take the Rogers cable that comes from the wall outlet, and connect it to the cable in of the Free DTA adaptor that you receive,  then connect the To TV connection to the RF or Cable in of your TV input card on your computer.


All you have to do now is put your TV tuner program onto channel 3, and use the cisco remote to change channels. Can't get any easier

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Watching Rogers digital channels on Computer

Hi Pauly,


Thanks for the info.  I am not very  technical on TV cabling.  What is DTA and where can I get one?  I current have a Rogers digital box which I paid monthly rental to Rogers.  


The cable from the wall is going into this digital box and the output is going to my TV.


Also where do I get the cisco remote control?  The TV tuner card in my computer is an ATI theater 650 pro.


If you don't mind, please explain to me how I could set up to watch digital TV on my computer with what I currently have? 



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Re: Watching Rogers digital channels on Computer

The DTA is for people who are only on analog (no digital box), but want to be able to still view tv after the switch to pure digital.
The DTA is free from any rogers store, (comes with the cisco remote, etc), but this will still only give you basic channels.

IF you want to view the TV, digital only specialy channels, etc... it would be pretty much teh same setup.

Out of wall into rogers digital box.  Rogers digital box (via video cable or regular coax tv cable, depending on your ATI tuner).


Switch to the video input if in video connection, or channel 3 if on the coax connection, on your ATI software.

You should now see the output from the digital box.  You HAVE to use the rogers digital remote to change channels, etc.. NOT the one with the ATI.