Watching One channel While Recording Another

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Watching One channel While Recording Another

First of all I want to say hello to everyone on the forum.  Smiley Happy

Now I'm hoping someone can verify that this can be done and if so, is this the proper setup for recording a channel while watching another?


I have my RCA TV, JVC VCR and the older model of Digital Box, tthe Explorer 3200.


(1) I've been told to take the coax cable coming in from outside and connect it to a splitter. One coax cable out of splitter and into my VCR and coax cable out of VCR into my RCA television. That is the only coax connection on the television.


(2) Coax cable from other out on splitter and into the back of my digital box.


(3) Connect the cable with the red, white and yellow ends to the back of the box and connect the other end to the red, swhite and yellow inputs on back of TV.


(4) Lastly change the setting on my TV using the RCA television remote to VID1.


I would assume then that I can record a show at 9 p.m. on channel 09 using the VCR and watch any channel on my digital box at the same time.


Now I haven't attempted this yet but I'm hoping someone can confirm I can perform this action and if so, is this the proper way to set things up using my devices?








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Rogers Employee BrandonP
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Re: Watching One channel While Recording Another

Hi Oaky,



Hypothetically, this would work. As you would have a live cable feed going into the VCR, and another going into the digital box, it would be like you would have two separate feeds of cable and two sources. And switching between the inputs on the TV would change the picture source as described.


The only caveat here is that the VCR will only access analog channels and therefore only be able to record the analog stations. If you subscribe to any specialty channels these would only be accessible through your digital box and not the VCR.








Hello everyone,


For more information on cable hook-ups please click here.


Hope this helps!


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Re: Watching One channel While Recording Another

Also note that next year (or maybe it's 2012) they will be shutting off analog signals so this will no longer work.

I would do yourself a favor and trade in the digital box for a pvr. Then you can do everything in one box much easier.

Sadly they no longer carry SD pvr's but you can get an HD one and still use it just fine except it costs $5 more a month.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Watching One channel While Recording Another

Hi Chris, what do you mean by 'SD pvr's' or is that simply standard?

Also you mentioned getting a HD box for $5 extra per month. I normally purchase my equipment, so do you know roughly how much one of these sells for now and since they will be shutting of analog signals (surprise, surprise) in the near future, is this the onlhy way to go if I'm wanting to record a channel and watch another at the same time?



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Re: Watching One channel While Recording Another

@oaky  Well you can always do what @RogersBrandon has mentioned above. 


As for buying the hardware I wouldn't recommend it. There about $500 so it would take about 25 months before the investment was paying for itself. At that point there will probably be a better version out that you could exchange it for if you were renting. Also hardware fails and I've had to exchange a couple just because remotes stop working or the harddrive fails etc..


I just haven't found it worth buying at this point in time. 


Unless you grab one around boxing day (last year I saw them for $100)......

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Re: Watching One channel While Recording Another

What I meant is there used to be PVR's that were only for Standard Definition and PVR's that did both Standard definition and High Definition. Now they only offer the PVR that does both SD/HD.

Since you were talking about a vcr and the Explorer 3200 I assumed you didn't have an HD tv and thus wouldn't be happy having to pay a bit extra for the HD version of the PVR since you wouldn't be using the HD capabilities.

There are others out there fighting to get a price break if they are not using the HD portion but I haven't heard of anyone having any success... (you might be surprised what you get when you ask for it though) 🙂