WWE Money in the Bank Question

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WWE Money in the Bank Question

I'm am wondering why Rogers continues to offer WWE Pay Per View at $54.99 when people can see the event for $11.99 on the WWE Network.


This happens every month and it seems they're just hoping someone who isn't smart enough to know drops $54.99 on the pay per view.


Can someone please enlighten me as to what the point is of even offering the pay per views at $54.99? What's the point?


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Re: WWE Money in the Bank Question

Hi @eurotik,


Thank you for posting. 


Although subscribing to the WWE Network seems to be the most logical or prefered choice for most customers, we do provide the PPV option because it gives them flexibility.


For example, Parental Control could be a factor as ordering the PPV event through the Set Top Box will limit the event to be only viewable through that specific Box. 


Hope this helps.