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I've Been Around

Recently got this cellphone it is an older Samsung and I do not know how to get into voicemail and also do not know the code for my voice mail. How do i check??



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Re: Voicemail

I've Been Around

I haven't been able to set up my voicemail. It tells me my phone number is no t valid. I found my voicemail number in settings, but it won't accept that either.

Re: Voicemail

Just call into tech support, sometimes, especially when rogers does maintenance your voice mail can stop working for short periods, also if you changed your plan the previous voice mail may have not been included. Better to check with customer services.

My apologies I know sometimes things change. But better to find out first before changing things on your phone. I am sure they can find out.

Re: Voicemail

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello shawnagray

I would contact Rogers and speak to them about this. They are the only one that can fix it via their methods and get it working again. Soemtimes when they do mentaince on customers accounts it can change a small thing from time to time and this can be one of them.

Best thing to do is contact Rogers and ask for their tech support. Speak to the tech support agent and they will gladly fix ur issue!

Re: Voicemail

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Retired Moderator

Welcome the forums @Maddav0714 Smiley Happy


Generally you should be able to press and hold 1 to access your voicemail (using the button if your phone has one or holding 1 on the dialer screen for touch screen phones). You would also need to verify your voicemail is active on Rogers end or holding 1 may not work. Try the last 4 digits of your phone number for the password.


If you forgot your password or are unsure if it is active on Rogers end we can have someone reach out to you via PM (Private Message) to help you out with that! Comment below if this resolved your issue or if you need any further assistance Smiley Happy



Re: Voicemail

I've Been Around

Recently I was add to plan of my company but I keep the same phone number, the plan told, I have voice mail but when I try to reach my voice mail for set up my information, the program not recognize my phone número. Would you can help me for set up my voice mail?

Re: Voicemail

Good evening @Augaracin,


Thank you for your post!


As indicated above, in order to call your voicemail to activate it and record a greeting, you will have to press/hold 1 to access it.

                     The default password would be the last 4 digits of your cellphone number.


If you require more assistance, if the voicemail retrieval number if not configured for example, we might have to access your account. In this case, please answer the following questions :


  • What type of device are you using?


  • Do you know if you have the basic or enhanced/visual voicemail?


Please let us know if you need help regarding this situation.




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