Voicemail not setup

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Voicemail not setup



I have not setup the voicemail.  I am with Pay As You Go.  However, each a telemarketer call (I do not answer the cal) lin History Call   it reads: $0.35 Voicemail received  Local Call.  


Why would I be charged when I do not answer and I have not set up VoiceMail?





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Re: Voicemail not setup

Not sure on this one..

This is only a user to user forum.. you would be better contacting the pay as you go support line.

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Re: Voicemail not setup

Your voicemail might be set up to accept msg with a generic msg to people that call you... you might not have set up a personal msg but  that doesn't means voice mail isn't set up  - i'd call ur self and see if a msg can be left or not... I  pay as you go comes with voicemail and i think is  pre set up with gentric msg 




As per: on rogers.com 


How am I charged for Voicemail on my Pay As You Go account?

Voicemail is available with no monthly fee on the Pay As You Go service. Airtime charges (plus long distance and/or roaming where applicable) apply for messages left in your Pay As You Govoicemail and for checking your Voicemail messages. Airtime charges apply if you call a number and a voicemail service answers.