Voicemail changed to text messages

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Voicemail changed to text messages

So for a while now every time I get a voicemail, I end up getting a text from the number that left the message with the voicemail being converted to a text and giving me the option to listen to the message by tapping some attachment. My visual voicemail has ceased to function because of this as nothing ever shows up there anymore. I didn't make any changes to my accouint that would trigger this as far as I'm aware and I would much prefer to have it reverted back to how it originally was. Is there something that Rogers changed that caused this to happen? I highly despise having voicemails converted to texts as that defeats the purpose of having voicemail to begin with for me. Using an iPhone 5 with the latest iOS version. Any guidance is appreciated.

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Re: Voicemail changed to text messages

Hmm.. i didnt think there was that option for the phones... only for the HOME PHONE (can have it email, text, etc when a message is left).  But i could be wrong.


I am running an iphone5 as well, with visual voicemail... and my voicemail comes in fine.


Have you made any other plan changes recently?  Possibly all it may require is for them to remove, then re add, the visual voicemail from the account (though this will require re-setting it up)