Video and sound out of sync

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Video and sound out of sync

I've just plugged my new Samsung 50" TV into the back of my Rogers PVR and noticed that the sound is out of sync with the video. The words spoken seem a split second behind. I previously had the TV plugged into the wall, but my remote was not turning both TV and PVR off at the same time. This had caused my TV not to "wake up" at the set time. Does plugging the TV into the PVR make some kind of difference in the sound?




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Re: Video and sound out of sync

I am assuming you are talking about the POWER from the TV into the PVR?

Which model box are you using?

If you program the remote properly it SHOULD turn the TV on/off whenever you press the power button for both the TV and the PVR.

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Re: Video and sound out of sync

The power outlet on the back of your PVR is just a 120 VAC outlet that's always ON by default but can be made to just turn ON with the box in SETTINGS. How do you have yours set?


On my Samsung Smart TV under Sound/Digital Audio Out  there is an aidio delay available. I see mine is set at 30, but I don't know if it's the default. In any case, I haven't noticed any delay. Plugging the TV power cord into a switched outlet on the back of the PVR will turn the TV power right off when the PVR is turned off and it will take longer to boot the TV each time. The TV should be on standby when off (red light on), so if you want to plug it into the back of the PVR, make sure the power outlet is always ON and the remote turns both PVR and TV on and off.

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Re: Video and sound out of sync

Hello perlinaber,

Audio/video sync issues on HDTVs can occur - have you tried switching your picture preset to GAME Mode to see if this solves the problem?


Here is a web site that describes how to enable game mode:



EDIT: While the article states that enabling game mode makes your picture look worse, I found (on my Sharp HDTVs) that you can play with color settings to get very near the standard, non-game mode image. Please give the game mode a shot and let us know if it works for you!

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Re: Video and sound out of sync

Audio video out of  sync


This is a constant issue on multiple channels on my Samsung Smart TV. Just about every day I have to call the Rogers reset number for the NextBox PVR. Unplugging the box is a pain because the cabinet is quite heavy. This problem has become progressively worse over the last year.

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Re: Video and sound out of sync

Here's a link that discusses the various sources of synch issues and possible fixes.


I note that you have a Samsung TV which I mentioned in the link above. Try sending a 720P (or other) signal to the TV and see if that's better. Also, if the issue is with specific channels, and not all of them, then the issue is usually with the channel/affiliate and not Rogers or the STB.


Do you have an AVR? (Audio Video Receiver)?  Do you have your audio connection directly to the AVR?