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Very unstable ping problems, its been a month.. Much drama

I've Been Around

Alright... Lets try this, as the techs that have come to my house and the online chat and the phone people have all failed in fixing my problem.  I have the Hitron CGN3ACR.  

I have the 250u IGNITE rogers internet, 250u/10-20d (I only get 10 instead of 20 because they said my area doesn't support it).  I had a 50d/10u, and the internet had difficulties with ping spikes, that when I used CMD to ping servers (any server, rogers included) I would go from 70ms to over 9000, (no joke!  I hit 20k once, it was quite the spike!).  Now that makes things like... Gaming, COMPLETELY unusable, netflix would completely disconnect and have to reboot, skype calls couldn't be held, nothing worked.  I had a good week or so of frusturating calls with Techs who said unplug the modem and plug it back in, and yes I know that 50% of the time this works everytime, but it didn't help with my problem.  After I unplugged my modem for the hundreth time with the next Tech they would say "Well Sir, our tools show it working just fine",  to which I got angry because of course, it wasn't working just fine.  The online techs would call in a physical tech to look at my modem, and the physical tech would say they can't do anything else and say that is what online tech was for, and point me there.  So the circle continued.  Until one curious Tech tried a few things, hmm'ed for awhile then asked me to do some things on my computer via the modem, and magically after some tinkering he fixed it.  I was so happy.  

So then I upgraded my modem, not thinking that there would be a problem.  But the exact same problem is back again, and of course Rogers can't find and send that wonderful Techie who saved my world of networking tears, which is understandable.. But I have gone with complete trash internet, and service for a month now, through over 30 calls/online tech chats, 8 Techs that were sent.  Still their favorite line is "Sir our tools show that there is no problem."  I.Am.Not.A.Happy.Camper.

If anyone has any advice.. I'd be thrilled, if someone wants to use teamviewer and check out whatever then I'd be thrilled.  I just want to make it work 😞 ... I'd love to not have to go to someone elses house to watch netflix, or have work skype confrence calls, or just play a game of minecraft or League with a few friends.  That would be wonderful.

Alas my woes and drama.  I was told it may be the firmware, but I "have" the said firmware update (I think?).  And requested it a bit ago but nothing has changed.  

This happens on all the computers (primary mine which does gaming too unlike just emails for the rest), devices- 3 phones, and Ipad or blackberry something.  Both wireless AND wired are equally flakey and not reliable.  

Yes I do get my speedtest: 250+ down, and 10+up, and the moment it shows that any rogers employee I talk to decides im fixed and just don't know what im talking about.  😞  I feel so rejectedcastasideunloved.

And if it helps at all.

Downstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDSignal noise ratio (dB)
Upstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDBandWidth
138596000ATDMA - 64QAM41.25013200000
223700000ATDMA - 64QAM42.75036400000
330596000ATDMA - 64QAM42.75026400000

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Re: Very unstable ping problems, its been a month.. Much drama

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Its no fun feeling rejectedcastasideunloved 😞   Hopefully we can do something about that  🙂


To start, your signal levels on both downstream and upstream are good and the signal to noise ratios on the downstream are good as well.  Can you run a wired ping test to the modem and post the last dozen or so pings and the bottom results as well.  Let it run for something like 20 pings:  ping -n 20


Are you running in Gateway mode?  if so, then is appropriate.


If you're running in Bridge mode, with a modem  -  router  -  pc configuration, then is the address to use for ping tests and for logging into the modem as well. 


Can you log into the modem and confirm for me that the firmware version is  It should show up in the ping test but I'd just like to be sure.


The last case that we saw that was similar to this, the maintenance crew was involved and I believe the final decision was to split the node as there were too many subscribers on the present node, causing ping problems just as you are seeing.  We might need the mods help here to elevate this to someone who can do something about this one, but first, if you can run the ping test, we'll start there.


Edit:  Reviewing the ping test that you posted, can you try an experiment for me?  With everything connected as is, run a wired ping test to the modem.  Then physically disconnect everything except the pc or laptop that you are using, and turn off the wireless and then rerun the wired test.  I'm wondering if there will be any visible difference between the two runs.

Re: Very unstable ping problems, its been a month.. Much drama

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Thanks @Datalink


Sorry to hear about the troublesSmiley Sad We are here to help. Once we gather some more information we can see what the best option will be.


Does this issue happen all throughout the day? or just at certain times?



Re: Very unstable ping problems, its been a month.. Much drama

I Plan to Stick Around

it awfully looks like the same issue that I experienced, except when I did called into tech support, I received an agent that was an online gamer, and he was able to help me detect the packetloss and isolate that it was my cable modem that was bad. I am just curious, did you requested Tech support to swap your cable modem yet? If you can get back the original CGN3 ( non AC ), it would be better, but if you get another AC modem, you may have to request the updated 'firmware' to be pushed to your modem again. But if you didn't try a modem swap, I would really suggest that you give that a try (assuming the packet loss happens on anything, including smartphones, ipads, and not just isolated to your computers which should also be verified there is no viruses/malware)

Re: Very unstable ping problems, its been a month.. Much drama

Great suggestion @PizzaBear


Modem swap would be a good idea as well, just to narrow down the search for the root cause.



Re: Very unstable ping problems, its been a month.. Much drama

That may have been already done during the numerous tech visits.  Its  a question worth asking.


Looking back at your original post, you indicate that you have a CGN3ACR, which I didn't pick up on before, and the firmware version that you indicated later was for the CGN3ACSMR.  It would help if you can confirm which modem you have at the moment.  You should be able to see the modem type on a sticker located at the back of the modem. 


Personal opinion, if you actually have a CGN3ACR I would swap that for a CGN3ACSMR and ask @CommunityHelps to update the firmware.  That might take a night or two to accomplish.  All of the Hitron CGN3 series modems have latency issues, and with the CGN3ACSMR, there are other problems that make gaming all but impossible when its loaded with the stock firmware.  With the updated firmware, a good number of problems have been solved with pc and console games, VOIP and VPN connections and latency intolerant applications.  PS3s and PS4s are still a question in my mind but RogersAsif uses his CGN3ACSMR with both and the modem works as expected with the newer firmware.  The whole purpose of this is to get rid of the modem latency and any other issue which might be part of the equation, so that hopefully all that remains is the network issue.  It might just be enough to make your internet usable while the networking issues are worked out.

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