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Very slow internet speeds (CGN3)

I Plan to Stick Around

Ive been having problems on and off with my connection over the years, I have called tech support and they schedule an appointment, only for the internet to magically improve right before the technician comes out, making me cancel thinking its nothing...


Right now im paying to get 60mbps, but I just did a speed test and im getting 4mbps, eveyrthing feels super slugish. Its a wired connection, ive tried various trouble shooting, resetting settings, turning off and on the modem, etc. ive reset the basic settings, back to stock, I dont know what else...


Anyone know any tips?


The modem is connected directly to the outlet, not my surge protector.



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Re: Very slow internet speeds (CGN3)

But the problem is my internet is so slow that the community forum is barely loading.. I'll still give it a shot. Thank you for your reply.  

Re: Very slow internet speeds (CGN3)



The link from the PM expired before I could use it. But I don't think it would be any help anyways because 2 technicians already came to my house and I already talked to like 10 tech support persons.


I moved to Bell last week because the issue could not be fixed. I have only 15mbps now with unlimited usage and paying the same amount. With Rogers I was getting 150mbps and unlimited usage. Price wise Rogers has a better deal but atleast Bell's internet is working.


I wish things worked out but unfortunately it didn't. Thanks for all the replies. 

Re: Very slow internet speeds (CGN3)

I've Been Around

I switched from Bell 50 mb/s connect to rogers 250 mb/s connection. I have both active connections at home right now. I have done speedtest multiple times from computer with wired connection and 90% of time bell connection is giving me faster speed. Can anyone explain why this is?

Re: Very slow internet speeds (CGN3)

There are a couple of items that can drastically reduce the data rates.  The first is improper signal levels at the modem, the second is a problem with the neighborhood node that the modem is connected to.  Can you.


1.  Log into the modem and navigate to STATUS ..... DOCSIS WAN page, copy the downstream and upstream tables and paste them

      into this thread.  You can copy the text contents from the tables and paste them it instead of having to paste in an image, makes

      it a little easier.  If there is a signal level issue, it will show up in those tables.


2.  Consider downloading the freebie version of pingplotter and run a test session out to a server such as   That will show

     if there is a problem with the first hop from the modem.  The application can copy a graphic or text result to the clipboard and

     from there you can paste it wherever you want.  Right click on the graphics area to bring up some of the display options.


3.  You could also use WinMTR, which is a text version.  Same idea, it allows your capture ping data from your modem to the end server.  This is also a freebie.


Are you in a house or apartment, condo, highrise, etc, which can make a difference in whether the modem connects to a neighborhood node or building MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit)?


When you run a speedtest, can you use either or the Toronto Telus server.  They are fast enough that they will test the modem to its assigned speeds and beyond.  With the 250/20 service, with Rogers speedboost kicking in you should be seeing about 300 Mb/s down, 21 - 22 Mb/s up.  We run 250/20 and see 328/22 as max speeds on speedtests.



Re: Very slow internet speeds (CGN3)

brutal im having same  headache  at one point today i was  below 1,0  in both download and upload  much better  now  this evening download is 2.71  upload 8.87 and i cancelled  bell for  having much better services im an idiot  its the worst week i also have 2 phone lines now as they forgot  to port my existing number with bell basically no internet since put in home got told by a support lady onl;ine that  im taking btoo long typing and she closed  the chat pleaseeeeeeeeeeee  bell come  home


Re: Very slow internet speeds (CGN3)

RE: IGNITE 150u almost to a stand still


My internet connection is completely almost dead. I'm getting 1.5-7Mbps on a 150Mbps connection and it's really starting to frustrate me. Had a tech come out and said that everything was fine and it seems worse now. Nothing was changed settings wise or any new connections added, so I am wondering if this is an outside issue as there is new construction going on with new town condo's going up. Have another tech coming this Friday as I was told by support that they will send a more experienced person. I have the Hitron CGNM3552, CGN3ACR or CGN3


Re: Very slow internet speeds (CGN3)

Hello @nurbs25,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Having fast Internet speeds is important these days so I can't help but cringe at the thought of those speeds you are getting. It is reminiscent of dial-up days. =(


It sounds like they've arranged for a Senior Tech to investigate this for you. They can spend extra time and follow up with you afterward to ensure this matter is resolved.


Let the Community know how things go with the Tech on Friday! 




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