Very poor system in customer service

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Very poor system in customer service

Long story short, I tried to upgrade my hardware through customer service. Was transfered to distribution department and order was in process. Somehow call was lost.


Called back, and some lady that barely speaks english picked with which provided no help. Called again and another lady picked up. Asked her if I can retrace me back to the first call I had with another representative. She was unable to.


Called back again, some guy picked up. Fortunately, he was able to read notes left on my account, which was very vague and provided very little detail (no product name of the ordered processed, no price, etc.)


He just told me that he can continue to process the order on my agreement. So now I play the waiting game to see what arrives at my door and what price they charge me at.


Just want to comment that the system is very bad at the customer service/sales/promotion department.


Problem was


1) Cannot track who customer was talking to about what deal, price, product, etc.

2) Notes should have agents name for responsibility.

3) Notes include very little detail if customer want to confirm offers.

4) Poorly trained representatives (the guy I spoke to was basically talking to himself, leaving me clueless the whole time)


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Re: Very poor system in customer service

When reps leave notes on your account, they leave their ID numbers & names on them ( mosty of them). Most reps will not say this to the customer because its a security thing which is understandable. This is why some reps will just say they can not see a name or anything. When i go to the Rogers plus store & have them check my account for note, i see notes in which are written sometimes with words that ONLY Rogers reps can understand.

You can call back & speak to a Manager & have them look into this more for you. You can also escalate the call that first time to be listened too & see what is going on. ( they can listen to the recording as well if Manager can.).

Most reps are not poorly trained as people say. Some Reps usually talk to them self's like every other human being does. I have noticed this as well but mostly in every company you will see this. That does not mean they are poorly trained.


Remember reps can not do everything. Reps are not able to listen to recordings or backtrack & give you that number you first had. Each call center is different with different policies to reps. This is why sometimes reps can not give the info out or give the right infoas they may or may not have it.



All in all, you as a customer have a right to ask for the Interaction number ( Note ID number) & you are able to record the convo with the rep just incase this issue happens again. If you are able to do all this, you are set & nothing will stop you.