Very bad signal

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Very bad signal

I'm very frustrated about the poor signal where I live. My cell phone is my only phone and I have very very poor signal 9 times out of 10. What are my options besides going to another provider? highbury and pond mills area..


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Re: Very bad signal

Not a  huge amount..
Sometimes if you are in the outskirt aread,  you can not always get a great signal.. as there is not enough towers near you (this happens to me).. not much can be done, until rogers deems that there is enough demand for the area to put in a new tower.

If you are in an area with good coverage.. but poor signal.. there is even less that can be done.  Sometimes, its just location. Just south of where i live  has great signal normaly, unless i go down this one street.  Why? It goes into a little valley, where the coverage drops out.  They arent going to put in a tower just for that little area.

Buildings around you, etc can effect signal.  Even where you are.  If you are in a basement appartment, or a regular apartment building, it can effect it.

Another provider.. MIGHT fix it.. depending on where their towers are.. may have the same issue.  Best would be to check with someone else with a phone from them, and try in your location.