Very Upset about Rogers

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Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee
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Re: Very Upset about Rogers

Very odd. There is no distinction between "Billing" and "Customer Service". There is only Customer Care, which can handle issues relating to both billing issues and changes to your account. Regardless though, given your issues it would seem to best to contact one of the mods here since you haven't had success otherwise. I wish you luck in that.

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Re: Very Upset about Rogers

Good evening @A_Little_Lamb,


I remain convinced that the issue at hand is resolved.


I apologize that you were not made aware of the delay for the reception of the cheque or if you thought the refund would be instant.


Feel free to reply to our latest PM if you have any other questions.





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Re: Very Upset about Rogers

@lockdown2341 .... it's all in the delivery .... maybe thats not what you meant but that was the message for me because of how it was worded.   


Yes, I expect you're right that the like was for the payment time frame comment,  as that particular poster seems like one of the main  pillars of tact and diplomacy around here.    Smiley Happy

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Re: Very Upset about Rogers

Hi guys, I'd like to update everyone here that I have received the full refund two days ago. I think the service is acceptable considering the need for me to follow-up on the refund and the time-frame, I appreciate that. However, I must say that Rogers still has a lot of room to improve as when comparing with the services I currently received at their competitor, I wish Rogers' management can look into this seriously as Canadian is now looking for higher level of services, we are willing to pay a higher fee for that. Again, I thank everyone for your contributions and attention to this matter, and thank Rogers for looking after my concern, this might be my last time mingling with you guys and I wish everyone all the best!!!