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Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

I've Been Around

Just want to share a long happened just a few days ago but I think I may not the only person who had experienced this ...


One day, got the warning of reaching 100% of data usage of my Internet service. 


Completely shocked because it was only the 6th day into a new monthly cycle.  Immediately logged into to check data usage.  WOW, 160+ GB on a particular day... yes, in one day!


How could that happen...?  I asked myself.  Turned on all (3) PCs in the house and checked the DU Meter on each.... none registered anywhere close to even 1G on that day, let alone 160G!  Very unusal but I had a hypothesis....


Picked up the phone and called Rogers tech support. 


Got into the waiting queue... and believe it or not, listented to music and waited 10+ mins, then it went to completely silent.... dialed again... finally someone picked up the call...when it was my 3rd attempted call.


Communicated of what I found... the 160G usage in one day.  Asked if he knew something had gone wrong that day at his (Rogers) end.  He said none. 


Then he got into my modem, and took no time, immediately said that my Wifi password was not good.... and he suspected someone could have hacked into my Wifi and used it to 160G....  My first reaction was... wait... he could see my Wifi key?  Ok, he had access to the cable modem and it's also the Wifi router. 


Ok.... I said, but I would not agree with him on that.


He went on and commented that because the Wifi key I chose to use was only numeric... that was known to be very weak and could be easily cracked. 


Right... I used only numeric.  And I would have to agree with him if I was using WEP, and the key was short...  But using WPA2 with only AES, 16 digit-long random numeric, and the encryption key renew every 1 hour.... (for those who know... do you think you can crack that using your computer?)  He insisted, in his personal opinion, that Wifi key was the problem...i.e. my fault.


Of course, once he had that in his head, there was nothing else he would consider.  Since I disagreed, the discussion became hot, and it went nowhere.  I became upset and he went on asking why I was upset.  Why I was upset?  I should not but I was very . off.


Let me be honest, he was not acting rude or anything like that... in fact, he was calm and was very sure about what he said.  So I decided to hang up.


To make the long story short... today, I had a Rogers service appointment... because the home phone and Internet services were up and down like a yo-yo in the past several days.  A tech came and found that the signal was very poor coming into the house, and later on, it was determined that the Rogers hub outside serving the street, was damaged due to the very recent thunder storm.


Hmmm.... hold on... that (thunder storm) was on the same day that the 160G usage was reported.... is that a coincidence?  I don't know.


Just went to to check my accounts and usage..... and saw that Rogers had reset the data usage (not really 0, but set to 1M)  for the few days around the period that the 160G was logged!




I know why.  They've used very weak password on their system, and someone might have hacked in, and reset the usage from 160G to 1M.  Of course, that's just my joke and it can't be true.


But why they went to reset the usage to 1M for those few days?  Smiley Tongue



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Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

I'm a Senior Advisor

This whole discussion I agree fully with - Rogers is the only provider that now does not provide unlimited available on low and middle tier packages.


That is the first point.


The second point I agree with, is that because the usage report is so delayed, the warning often means, stop using, you may actually be over.  But at least it is a warning.


Finally, a community expert is in no way associated with Rogers, they are individuals like you or me - anyone with a high degree of knowledge can apply to become one.


And finally would a private individual suggest you go to Rogers and ask - If I don't have the answer, and I know from experience on the forum that the question being addressed is only one that can be dealt with by going to Rogers, then I tell them that right away - I am of the view, why spend time getting non-answers here when the only people that can address the question is an employee with access to your account and individual information.


In addition, it provides the first step for escalation if unsastisfied with the proposed resolutions.  Saying something here is just a public statement and cannot be used in any escalation process.


As for law suits, I am sure there are probably all sorts of disclaimers in our terms that prevent that - the first line of approach for concerns, is actually legislatively defined and implemented through the CRTC and CCTC or federal legislation, and each company has a publically  posted process to proceed with.


So in the case of wanting to be heard and see what can be offered, I will say as a fairly active user and supporter of the board that you can vent here on this issue, but to see if you concerns can be supported in some way you will have to start with contacting a CSR or other support channel to begin to work with the issue and see what can be done for you.



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