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Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

I've Been Around

Just want to share a long happened just a few days ago but I think I may not the only person who had experienced this ...


One day, got the warning of reaching 100% of data usage of my Internet service. 


Completely shocked because it was only the 6th day into a new monthly cycle.  Immediately logged into to check data usage.  WOW, 160+ GB on a particular day... yes, in one day!


How could that happen...?  I asked myself.  Turned on all (3) PCs in the house and checked the DU Meter on each.... none registered anywhere close to even 1G on that day, let alone 160G!  Very unusal but I had a hypothesis....


Picked up the phone and called Rogers tech support. 


Got into the waiting queue... and believe it or not, listented to music and waited 10+ mins, then it went to completely silent.... dialed again... finally someone picked up the call...when it was my 3rd attempted call.


Communicated of what I found... the 160G usage in one day.  Asked if he knew something had gone wrong that day at his (Rogers) end.  He said none. 


Then he got into my modem, and took no time, immediately said that my Wifi password was not good.... and he suspected someone could have hacked into my Wifi and used it to 160G....  My first reaction was... wait... he could see my Wifi key?  Ok, he had access to the cable modem and it's also the Wifi router. 


Ok.... I said, but I would not agree with him on that.


He went on and commented that because the Wifi key I chose to use was only numeric... that was known to be very weak and could be easily cracked. 


Right... I used only numeric.  And I would have to agree with him if I was using WEP, and the key was short...  But using WPA2 with only AES, 16 digit-long random numeric, and the encryption key renew every 1 hour.... (for those who know... do you think you can crack that using your computer?)  He insisted, in his personal opinion, that Wifi key was the problem...i.e. my fault.


Of course, once he had that in his head, there was nothing else he would consider.  Since I disagreed, the discussion became hot, and it went nowhere.  I became upset and he went on asking why I was upset.  Why I was upset?  I should not but I was very . off.


Let me be honest, he was not acting rude or anything like that... in fact, he was calm and was very sure about what he said.  So I decided to hang up.


To make the long story short... today, I had a Rogers service appointment... because the home phone and Internet services were up and down like a yo-yo in the past several days.  A tech came and found that the signal was very poor coming into the house, and later on, it was determined that the Rogers hub outside serving the street, was damaged due to the very recent thunder storm.


Hmmm.... hold on... that (thunder storm) was on the same day that the 160G usage was reported.... is that a coincidence?  I don't know.


Just went to to check my accounts and usage..... and saw that Rogers had reset the data usage (not really 0, but set to 1M)  for the few days around the period that the 160G was logged!




I know why.  They've used very weak password on their system, and someone might have hacked in, and reset the usage from 160G to 1M.  Of course, that's just my joke and it can't be true.


But why they went to reset the usage to 1M for those few days?  Smiley Tongue



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Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

I've Been Around

Hi , I had the same problem today where i see my internet usuate had gone boom !! I reported to Rogers customer care and waiting for the resoultion .. 


Daily Usage
Download Usage (MB)
Upload Usage (MB)
Daily Total (MB)

  July 27, 2014 435,555 387 435,942   July 26, 2014 230,828 805 231,633

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Food for thought......ask them for your logs.  Since they have to keep them for a number of years for any possible investigation that might arise, they should be able send you your own connection / download / upload logs.  My guess is that a review of those logs would tell you in a heartbeat if the problem is in your internal network or if there is any credence to the possibility of MAC address cloning on the Rogers network, where you end up paying for someone elses downloading. 


I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who runs a standalone firewall such as a pfSense, Cisco, Watchguard, etc behind the Rogers modem / router, through which everything inbound and outbound passes through, ie. the Rogers device is only serving as a modem.  My question is, for those who have their firewall configured to monitor total downloads and uploads, how close do those numbers match the Rogers numbers.  Ever end up in a dispute over those numbers where Rogers indicates that you have burned through a considerable amount of data download / upload?

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

While i currently am not, i have monitored in the past..

(was on unlimited.. and now my cap is high enough i never go close.. i dont bother with it)


But i usually found, it was in the 30m-100m varrience from what i was monitoring.


I only do rough monitoring now.. guage X many hours netflix @ superHD average rates + i know how much i downloaded that day with torrent or say game update, etc... + my average just 'browsing' etc usage (which is normally 400-500ish)..
And it usually comes in around where i expect it to... (not like its like 5g higher sort of thing)

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

I'm a Reliable Contributor

@Datalink - when I talked to the supervisor about my issue they indicated that they don't have access to daily logs older than a month. That ability was taken away from them.


So, now I monitor weekly for things going wrong.


Just an FYI, my "overuse" happend at the transition of a billing period (2 days before and 2 days after) which can stop a 100% over use warning from going out (again, supervisor's comment). I don't know if others see a similar pattern.

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

I think the data still EXISTS.. but they may be limited in how they are allowed to access it.
(there, for say if there is a court order for it.... wich might be the only way TO get it 😞 )

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

I've Been Here Awhile



So recently I switch to the Hybrid 30 270gb Internet Plan and was required to get a new modem from Rogers.  


Now, I had a third party router attached to the rogers modem that was my source for wifi.  In June, I had an unsually high usage in one day of over 100gb+ of download in one day.  I contacted customer support and they said it might be someone who hacked into the third party router.  After that, I disconnected the router and used only the modems wifi.  Unfortunately, the problem still remained and my internet usage logs were ridiculous.  I changed passwords and names for my wifi multiple times and nothing works.  I asked customer service again, and they blamed my network security or possible virus on my computers.  I did a full scan on all my computers using AVG, Kasperky and Windows defender and found no major treats. Recently, I limited my network to only two devices(one mobile, one computer) and had both devices off for one day BUT for some reason, still managed to use 300gb in that one day.  Doesn't make any sense.  


Does anyone know what is going on with rogers and what to do? This is getting frustrating and after 20 years of being  a customer, this is how i am being treated.  I don't feel the need to pay an extra $100 a month for this issue.  Below are images of my logs.  As you can see, my average usage is about 2GB a day not 300gb+ pay day.  I also started a report with the customer service line about 2 weeks ago and havent received a call back.


What should I do??


June - July Usage



July Usage

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

I've Been Here Awhile



I am also in the same boat. Last month, Rogers claimed I've used 480 GB of data. The drastic ones, were 148GB, 60GB, 40GB and all in one day. I've replaced the modem with a HITRON CGN3 and rant it in the bridge mode with my router. 


It happened again on July 25 & 27. It was 24GB and 86GB respectively. My router showed less than 10GB on both days. The thing is, Rogers techs treat you like clueless . and blame everything else. Well, if I did have viruses, why doesn't my router track that usage ?

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
It doesn't make sense for rogers to be just arbitrarily adding charges/usage just to get a few extra $$ out of a person, as the person is more likely to leave, then they loose the ongoing income from the user.

Considering the speraticness of some users usage, just like a huge spike every few days but normal in between, it's less likely a virus, etc.... I am startings to lean towards more that the possible MAC cloning is going on....

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

Though I doubt it's the cause, give malwarebytes a try for scan, the others don't do the greatest job at malware scan.

The odd part with your usage is how sporadic it is. Fine for a number of days, then the big spike.

I am almost leaning towards the possibility of some of the reports of MAC cloning. People using a modem with a faked MAC address of another user, so the usage appears on the others account.

One thing to do just to eliminate that would be to go in and swap your modem

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

I've Been Here Awhile

Well, interesting how many of you experienced what I went through last month. Luckily no one came close to my record of 500 gigs in one day. Evidently, everyone has similar experience with Rogers customer service/tech support, as it seems that in all these cases Rogers never admitted that it was its fault. I think that it is not a grandiose scheme that Rogers put together to get more money from its customers – it is just a simple case or rather many cases when its system that counts our gigs has simply malfunctioned. And Rogers will never admit it. If they even keep logs on Rogers customers, we will never know the truth. I went through a bunch of managers and nobody would cooperate and continued blaming my password.


I will tell you what I have done. I insisted on a new modem from them (it was never offerd) – 3 technicians after I got one. I have my own router and I still use my old password. I never disconnected my Internet for 24 hours – it is completely useless advice as I have never before or after (with old and new modem) got above 2 gigs per day. Make you own conclusion! Including you, the resident expert! It was never my fault and when you talk to some more oursoked Rogers tech, he easily admits that.


I got my “one time only credit”. Thank you CRTC for being here for us! So at least we are not stuck with a bill of $500 but only a possibility of $100. You can continue blame viruses, cloning, etc. The fact remains we are powerless to prove that it is not our fault and apparently Rogers does not have to provide us with any prove that its measurements are correct.


Dear experts, please share your wisdom on how to check your usage when using your own router, particularly Apple Airport. Perhaps I can stick it to Rogers if it will happen to me again. I really really want to!

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

I've Been Here Awhile
Some routers support bandwidth recording; however that seems useless as I am currently logging but Rogers doesn't want to see them. They claim it is not their hardware and they cannot trust it. Don't give up, I ll fight this with them. I am taking this to the papers and we ll see what happens then

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
To record your own usage properly, you need to do it at the router the pc, etc is no good as will only track it and not any wireless etc.
Problem is most regular routers don't have this.
You need to go into the very high end ones, or install custom firmware on them. Or run something like a pfsense server I between. Not necessarily easy for the common man. 😞

(Problem with you own logs... Is... Not to say you are doing it, but someone could provide 'edited' logs, etc. They have no way of validating your data either )

Maybe I am just lucky, who knows.
I have never had data overages (since they started limiting), that were not allocated for (I knew that I did use enough to go over).
And I have had Rogers Internet since the beta program for their Internet service.
But also working in IT I am extremely critical of my network, monitor things closely, rotate passwords, IDs, etc regularily, etc.

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

I'm a Reliable Contributor

At the end of 2012, Rogers did sign up with PwC to prove that their data usage tracking tools were reliable, but I haven't heard word if they got certified or not.


Link to Rogers Press Release.:

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

I've Been Around

Has This Been Happenening To Many People? I've Was Worrying that I was the only one. anyways My family and I Came back from our vaction and 2 days later our download usuage just skyrocketed from 450mbs all the way to 295000mb without us realizing until we recieved the 75% warning....(BIG UNDERSTATEMENT) We Have past our limit 300GB By a whopping 223GB... WE OWE ROGERS $446.I HIGHLY, VERY HIGHLY DOUBT THAT THIS MUCH CAN BE USED IN 2 DAYS. (By us)


Our Usage





Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

Yes, happened to me too.

Last month we had spikes of 280GB in one day, our usual usage is 1GB.

This month again a spike of 75GB when we weren't at home.

This has all since happened we moved to a new modem.

Next time I call Rogers I will be mentioning that I will make a complaint to the CRTC.

I'm fed up with customer service reps following have you changed your password, have you shut off the modem, have you been using P2P, have been using netflix a lot (Impossible to watch 250GB worth of content in a day), etc, etc, script.


Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

I've Been Here Awhile

Thought I am the only one.  I have been dealing with Rogers for 3 straight weeks now regarding my high and unsual usage.  First I noticed I used 100gb in one day.  And that's the day we were at the EX the entire day.  And a week later I got charge 59gb and 262 gb on 2 consecutive days. and a few 50-60 days. Within the first 10days we used close to 500gb.  I called Tech support and they promised to call back 24/48 hrs and they never did.  So i called back another 3-4 times and everytime its a different story.  Your ticket just got submitted, your ticket don't have enough information on it, your ticket did not go thru... etc.  Finally I call in one morning and they promised to call me back in 24/48 hours and I got a phone call saying it's a counter problem and it's been fixed.  And guessed what? The past weekend we were away and we got charged another 100 and 79gb.  Never end.. So I had my modem unplugged for the 2nd time for 24 hr.  Let's see what happened.. as of now I am at 600gb usage.  Normal monthly use for us is less than 80gb.

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

having it unplugged.. is actually a really good test... especially then you may know if its a case say of MAC cloning, etc.. as someone else mimicing your modem and using usage.

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

Keeping the thread alive..


This has started happening to me since mid-September. Spikes that happen once every week or two, ranging from 30 GB to 430 GB. I kid you not, 430 GB in a single day. I don't even think that's physically possible with my internet speed running at max for 24 hours. I'm up to 1 TB for October! Meanwhile my modem only shows ~40 GB LAN/20GB WAN for the month. I previously changed up all my passwords, wireless network name, set MAC filtering for just my devices.. and spikes still happening


The poor phone support guys don't have many more resources than I do, probably just the same table I have that shows [DAY] - [DOWNLOADS] - [UPLOADS], so they can't pinpoint what's going on. It's frustrating having to call up and try and get my bill adjusted each month. I was just given my first ticket so hopefully someone higher up in resources can do so investigating.


I wish there was more tools available for seeing specifically what is generating this traffic but at the same time that means your private data is more "out there" 

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

Can you log into your modem, navigate to the DOCSIS WAN page and copy the Downstream and Upstream tables and paste them into this thread.  Just the tables only, nothing else like IP address, etc, etc.  Can you also have a look at where the external cable from the street comes into the house and see if there is an inline amplifier on the cable, possibly white in colour.  Do you happen to use a power bar of any type and do you run either the RG6 cable or ethernet cable to or from the modem through a surge suppresser of any type?

Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

Tables (


Right now I have two wired and one wireless device active according to my modem. 


I live in an apartment complex so I'm not aware of how the building is hooked up. There's a box like this on both sides of the building but it could be something besides internet/cable ( If that is the internet/cable entry point maybe some of the dumpster squirrels or drunk hooligans have been messing around with things for all I know. 


Even though I have an ethernet port on my power bar, I don't use it. The coaxial cable goes into my modem and my ethernet-wired devices connect directly into there



Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault?

Your downstream and upstream power levels are interesting to say the least. The downstream look really good, the upstream are bad. The target levels are 0 dBmV for the downstream and typically 37 to 40 dBmV for the upstream. You have at least one upstream channel running at 52 dBmV which is at the upper limit. That alone makes me wonder what your plan is and what speeds you actually see on a download / upload test. I’m surprised that none any of the tech support reps have noticed and said anything to you about the power levels. That’s an assumption on my part. The first thing I would do when talking to anyone above tech support is to bring up this discrepancy in the levels and get a tech out to your apartment to start some corrective action. However, the field tech really needs to understand why he or she is addressing the cabling issue, and know that this is possibly part of a much bigger problem. Just looking at it and saying, ok, it works, I’m satisfied…. won’t cut it. On top of that, someone in the higher levels of tech support should be in charge of tracking cases like this and determining if anything that the field tech corrects onsite does fact correct the high reported usage rates.


Typically, when cables or connectors start to go you will see the downstream power levels and possibly signal to noise ratios drop while the output of the modem goes up to compensate for the problems in the cable or connectors. So its really unusual to see one near perfect with the other one at the upper limit. That would make me think there is an inline amplifier installed somewhere which is hiding the real power levels and signal to noise ratios, which would be worse than what you can actually see. Having said that, apartments are a special case as there is usually a cable distribution system installed to distribute data to all of the apartments. From posts that I have seen elsewhere, it can take a considerable amount of time to solve gremlins in apartment systems. From your picture, if that is the distribution system for your internet cabling, it doesn’t look pretty.


I’m thinking aloud here but I’m wondering if there is any correlation between your reported download overages and the high upstream signal levels. There is a known problem on Rogers network with high upstream power levels causing problems for SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and Secure Copy (SCP). This is seen on the following post:


Read Rocca's post near the bottom of page 2 (linked page).


So, I’m wondering if this applies in this case. It would take someone who is intimately familiar with the Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) operation, the format of the data used to transfer the download / upload data from the modem and the transfer methodology to determine the possibility and probability of erroneous data being posted to a customer’s account. In some areas this is an “in the weeds” issue, and it’s really far above and beyond the capability and knowledge of the front line tech support staff I would think. You’re only the second person that I’ve asked for the power levels in cases like this but I think from now on I’m going to keep asking and keep track of those levels just to see if there is any validity behind this.


If you can, disconnect your power bar completely and run your computer from the wall plug or extension cord and then have a look at the power levels and signal to noise ratios for any improvement.   Do that first before you talk with tech support or anyone above them. There has been a case or two recently that I have seen where the power bar generated so much RF noise that it was bleeding into the RG6 cable, causing a lot of problems. Disconnect the power bar completely so that it was dead and the problems disappeared. Not saying that will happen here, but worthy of a check before you call in a tech. If it turns out to be your equipment that is at fault you end up paying for the call.


If and when you have a tech arrive, ask him or her about the cable distribution system. If what is in the picture is actually it, someone needs to bite the bullet and replace it with a properly enclosed system. That equipment is probably not designed to be open to the elements and I would think it would cause numerous problems, especially on rainy days. Don’t know who pays, apartment owner, Roger’s, Bell, etc. I suspect everyone will say, “not my responsibility”.


Do you have any other Rogers services and if so, do you notice any problems with them?


The list:


1. Disconnect the power bar completely and repost the same tables


2. Run a speed test and post your results along with your internet plan speeds for comparison


3. Depending on what you find with #1, call in a tech to address the high upstream power levels. As I said previously, the tech should understand that this is not just a signal level issue and that the target levels really need to be attained. If that isn’t possible, its time to call in the engineering staff to address the distribution system in the apartment complex as a whole.


Keep posting and let us know how its going.

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