Very Slow Internet (Rogers Ultimate)

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Very Slow Internet (Rogers Ultimate)

I connect directly  on my main computer but we have 2 wriless connections on Laptops.     

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Very Slow Internet (Rogers Ultimate)

go to on the main pc and tell us the speeds, then go on the laptops do the same thing and also tell us the speed


make sure no other pcs or devices are using the network while youre doing this


main pc .... mbps download ( direct connect )


laptop ..... mbps  download  (wifi connect)

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Very Slow Internet (Rogers Ultimate)

Speed started at 2.104, Then i did the test one right after another and it dropped continulay to the point of 0.1054 then came back up to 0.5302.

Funny but my major complaint is the UNrelyabilty of the Rocket hub, it seems that is is down mor than up and running!

I switched from bell to rogers for that very reason!  Man Mad


For the first 3 weeks the rogers hub was faultless, now i feel i am "stuck in another contract"

If i can only find a more reliable supplier?

Or Rogers fixes this problem, perhaps by suppling a antenna?

I refuse to purchase one, as the car i reciently bought came complete with a steering wheel!

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Very Slow Internet (Rogers Ultimate)

BEST is 2.00mbps download, uplaod 0.26

usually  1.20 download, upload 0.24


BUT that is not even my point the incinsistant relibialty of the service, is is down more than up!

In the first 2 weeks i tried (my return at NC before a contract) it performed flawlessly.

They recomend that i purchase an you buy a new car without a steering wheel????

there has to be a better way????

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Very Slow Internet (Rogers Ultimate)

What are the options to the SMC Gateway? I was much happier with a regular modem and my own cheap WLS router.

I am currently using my cheap router as a secondary WLS gateway so that I can acutally connect my Android pads in the next room.

Is there an option on the SMC Gateway to disable routing and use my own WLS router through the Gateway as a modem?

I've Been Around
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Re: Very Slow Internet (Rogers Ultimate)

For the past few weeks I have noticed my internet speed is slow, no matter what I try to download, even my vidios I watch most are buffering . I used to have fast speed, i know it,s not only me, it must be the kids, using the internet , and there smart phones. I,m having a  tech guy comming today, it,s not my comp, it,s new and it,s cleaned, and my antivrus is updated. I just hope one day this will eb solved, it,s getting very frustrsatiing, I never complain, but as a loyal Rogers customer for my internet cell phones and cable from day one, i,d like it fixed,

Thank you

Don Taylor

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Very Slow Internet (Rogers Ultimate)

Wall of blue text crits for 1000 >.<  that hurts my eyes.. sorry..


Which internet are you subscribing to?  Lite, express, ultimate, etc?

What is everyone doing ,when you notice it slow?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Very Slow Internet (Rogers Ultimate)

LOL Yup! Results

Rogers Extreme Plus ($71.99/mo - discounted)
London Ontario
"up to 32Mbps"

I don't think my line has hit that 32Mbps mark recently. Highest speed acheived in was around 15Mbps to a server less than ~100km away. That's less than half of the advertized number 😞

Generally, all stuff seems pretty slow, especially in online gaming (SC2. WoW, Diablo 3)

Skyping to my girlfriend in Chatham (not that far away) is awful lately, and her ISP hasn't changed at all. Some times skype will actually refuse to complete the call, which means stuff must be pretty bad.

Rogers Tech was on site a few weeks ago to put in another home phone line. He ended up testing the line and found it was reading quite poor. I hadn't really noticed any MAJOR issues, with my services so I told him as much and he went outside to look around. He ended up having to rehang the wire to my house as the critters outside had chewed into it. No Problem. He re-hung the lines to my house and then said everything was cool, according to his signal meter.

Still, I'm getting what seems like slower service now.

I'd say if I went back 3 months or so, everything was golden.

I have no P2P running on my PC when I do line tests, and my work VPN is not up on my other computer.

I know that there are times when the lines must be busier due to peak hours and such, but I seem to experience slower speeds at all times of the day. I have done a good number of speed tests, and tried to spread them out throughout the day, I haven't noticed any real improvements....

I've Been Around
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Re: Very Slow Internet (Rogers Ultimate)

Agreed with the above.... I am on "Ultimate" 75mb/s and have found massive slowdown during certain times. I haven't called yet but here is some testing I have done on over the past few weeks:


07/24/2012 = 23.5  

07/25/2012 6:00pm = 24.06  

07/25/2012 8:54pm = 28.13

  07/25/2012 10:45pm = 8.8  

07/26/2012 7:52am = 40.60  

07/26/2012 7:45pm = 49.13  

07/26/2012 8:49pm = 39.39  

07/27/2012 7:22pm = 29.20  

07/27/2012 9:03pm = 20.10  

07/28/2012 10:22am = 60.18

  07/28/2012 11:42am = 39.64  

07/28/2012 4:21pm = 61.13

  07/29/2012 9:45am = 63.38  

07/29/2012 10:34pm = 36.36  

07/30/2012 6:39pm = 55.27  

07/31/2012 5:53pm = 50.39  

07/31/2012 7:01pm = 33.27  

08/02/2012 8:50pm = 14.67  

08/09/2012 6:52pm = 11.51

I've Been Around
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Re: Very Slow Internet (Rogers Ultimate)

mectoo in whitby !!