Value Per Dollar vs Technology

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Value Per Dollar vs Technology

Prices for wireless plans go up and up and up as time passes, meanwhile technology continually goes down in cost. 


Why does my value-per-dollar go down with Rogers' plans rather than going up, which is the intuitive understanding if we look at technology pricing as a whole?




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Re: Value Per Dollar vs Technology

Good evening @atm0sph,


Welcome to the Forums !


I can understand why you are feeling this way about the costs of your wireless services.


It might be time to revisit your plan based on your usage.

                                                                      Take a look at what we have available, for Pay As You Go : click here.

                                                                                                              And in terms of monthly plans, click here.


What exactly is the problem with your account !? We would love to help! 

                                                                   Please provide us with further information in regards to that. Smiley Happy



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Re: Value Per Dollar vs Technology

What PayGo plan do you have? I buy the $100 plan for a year and don't ever use it up in a year, so whenever I have over $100 in my balance, I ask to get it applied towards another year. You have to call to do that because Rogers stores no longer will do PayGo renewals.


Recently the cost per minute for calls went up to 50 cents, which is almost criminal.  7-11 Speakout is still just 25 cents per minute and all their plans, from $25 to $100 are good for a whole year.  I'm thinking about switching when my current minutes run out.



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