VOD annoyance

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I Plan to Stick Around
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VOD annoyance

When I go to ROD and start plowing through, a box pops up telling me VOD had been updated, press OK and the main screen is greyed out.  When I press OK I expect the useless box to go away, but instead it stays and the OK applies to whatever item was highlighted below in the grey.  I can work my way through eventually, looking around the message box, but it doesn't go away until I change channels and then go back.  It's been like this for at least 6 months.



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I've Been Around
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Re: VOD annoyance

I am trying to watching a ROD program, and it stopped part way through, frooze and then a "vod" appear on the screen of the cable box.    

This set up is new -  less than a month.   

When I go back into try and get a different program, it does the same this, will try and load, freeze and then the error message.



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Re: VOD annoyance

Hello @mkug & @JEL,

There have been consistent VOD problems since November 21, which Rogers is aware of and is working on resolving. 


In the meantime, have you tried resetting the digital terminal? If your box is frozen, unplug it and wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in. 


I would also also reccomend that you call Rogers technical support and log the issue, to rule out other problems. 

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Re: VOD annoyance

@JEL Same problem here. VOD used to be problem free for me, but now it seems nothing works with Rogers!

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Re: VOD annoyance

Could this be a Nextbox or Navigatr problem? ROD is working fine for me with an SA8300HD.

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Re: VOD annoyance

Maybe some good news - I rebooted my cable boxes (NextBox 2 HD terminal and PVRs & NextBox 3) and my VOD is working (previously: I would go to channel 100 > Channels > City (or any channel tile) and it would be "Loading" forever).


On third program (all different) - so far, so good.


I hope this keeps up!