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I Plan to Stick Around
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I just noticed on my August bill that my 3 value packs have increased in price.  My contract is good until October 2015.  Can this be done without my knowledge and I thought I had a contract that was binding.  Please help.


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Hello BHH

The contract also states that prices can change without any notice... So Rogers or any company for that matter can do it

You can contact Rogers via calling them, Live Chat, Facebook or Twitter @RogersHelps and speak to them and see what they can do.
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Unfortunately, even with a CONTRACT for TV, etc... it was usually for they give you whatever discount, free box, etc.. in return for staying with them for X many years...  there is no part in the contract saying the main service prices are set in stone... that they can change.


Really, only if you are on a retentions deal, etc.. often will you see it as an actual contract per say (will usually say on your bill 24 month discount or something).
Any STANDARD deals, bundling, etc... for tv, internet, home phone, there are no longer any contracts tied with them anyways.
(EG: can get a deal where first 6 months is discounted.. can leave after the 6 months, no penalties, etc)

I Plan to Stick Around
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A LOT of people seem to have this misconception that Rogers has increased your contract price.. FALSE. Rogers has increased an ADD-ON service, not your monthly plan.  You have a plan and Rogers won't increase your plan while you're in contract, however the value packs or "additional services" are subject to price change whenever. Make sense?

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Hello BHH,

Rogers actually did notify of the upcoming pricing increase. If you check your bill that came out between the dates of April 28th and May 27th, on the last couple of pages of your bill, there is a notification of the price change. It could also be on the invoice following that one since I believe they did the change in two phases. The changes then took place after late June or mid July.

Hope this helps. 🙂