Using a VHS/DVD combo with a SD box

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Using a VHS/DVD combo with a SD box

Now I have question. Ok, if you really want to get technical I have two.


I have a Rogers Standard definition box, and I’m wondering if it’s gone funny, or I’ve become a bit absent minded. I watch the news every night from 11:00 PM. To 11:30. Then I turn my TV and my Rogers box off via the remote that comes with the box. After watching the news I sometimes read. Sometimes while I’m reading the SD and the TV set come on. The remote is a good four and a half feet away from the SD box, and sometimes when this happens I’m not even in the room. Now has the SD box/remote gone squirrelly or have I ?.


My birthday is drawing near, and I’m thinking of treating myself  to bring me and my video collection into the 21 century. I’m thinking of getting one of those gizmos that that play a VHS tape and burn the recorded info on a DVD disc. You see I have almost one hundred films on VHS that I would love to have on DVD. Plus some of these films are not yet available to DVD, Blu-ray, DVD-HD etc. They’re only available on tape. I’m also looking at getting a PVR or maybe it's called a DVR. From what I can tell all it does is allow you to record six to eight different TV shows for later viewing. If you want to record a specific show, and add it to your collection (as I do) it doesn’t allow you to do that. Will a SD box even work with a VHS/DVD combo ?


Anyone have any relevant thoughts ?








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Re: Using a VHS/DVD combo with a SD box

Your first thing... that DOES sound odd..
next time, after you turn the stuff off, HIDE the remote out of sight and see if it still does it.. see if its the box or remote.
Try swapping batteries in the remote as well.

2nd part is sort of a multiple thing.
A DVR (digital video recorder), often has a DVD writer in it.  SOmetimes has a VHS built in as well.  (ones without, can always plug in a VHS to it).
Now for taking your VHS over to DVD, will work great for that 🙂 (obviously, will be only at VHS quallity).


A DVR, in the past, with just ANALOG (straight from the wall) would allow for recording of TV, like your VHS would.. but with analog going byebye.. its not really the best/easiest method anymore.  Doable, but a real pain.
The better bet, for at least recording for viewing later, is the PVR.
The latest PVR from rogers, allows recording of up to 8 channels at once.. and can record of 120+ hours of HD content.


To move them TO collection.. eh.. can be done.. mostly.  You can go from the output on the rogers box when playing back, say into the dvd recorder.. You would be recording real time, just like on the VHS to DVD, etc.  SOME stuff will not copy, if it outputs a copy protection.
One thing to note as well, you will be recording in HD on a PVR.. and any archiving you would be doing, would only be archiving to SD.



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Re: Using a VHS/DVD combo with a SD box

Regarding your first question if your cable box turn on by itself around the same time in the evening it seems like there is timer set somewhere.


Regarding your second question there is no problem to record any TV show from PVR to DVD/VCR device. I have done this myself many times.

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Re: Using a VHS/DVD combo with a SD box

I think the only time i saw it have an issue.. was when i tried recording something from the output, of something playing from RoD... likely is pushing the copy protection.

This is a big reason why you pretty much can only record them off in SD most of the time.  Using HDMI,etc.. they often push HDCP and make it so stuff can not be recorded.
Most HD type recording devices (there are not alot of them on the market) for PCs which allow HD recording, usually have you connect via component, to help bypass this.)