Using Rogers Smartphones with PVRs?

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Using Rogers Smartphones with PVRs?

Hi Rogers,


I LOVE my smartphone, and I LOVE my Rogers PVR.  I think the marriage of these two loves is long overdue.  As you may well know, Bell has already legalized this union on their airwaves, and has a nifty little remote app for their smartphones that allows you to access your PVR to set recording times if your are out of the house and wanted to record something.


I think this is a feature that loyal customers would GREATLY appreciate.  Often times I am out with friends and we talk about a movie or tv show that is on later that night, but I will miss it, so it would be awesome to be able to record it.  Moreover, an even better is application is that of Sports Highlights.  As many sports fans know, there are NO reruns of highlights by the next evening.  If I am out late or for an entire weekend and wanted to record highlights from a specific special event, it would be incredible if I could open up a mobile version of the Rogers program guide on my phone, select the recording, and be done, secure in knowing that I will get to view and review and review at will when I am back in the safety of my couch. 


Is there anything in the works for an app such as this that is compatible across all platforms like Android, BlackBerryOS, WinMo, Symbian, and, ooooh what's that other one?  Oh yes, iOS.


ALSO, streaming the contents of your PVR to your phone would be a great additional feature for your loyal customers...but I guess that would be a slightly different conversation


Thanks, I appreciate any response from the Rogers team!




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I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Using Rogers Smartphones with PVRs?

I am not a rogers employee but this is how I did it...


TV + PVR + Windows Media Center + RDM


I hooked up my PVR to media center, Media center to TV then Installed RDM+ (remote desktop) on the Media Center then I use my iPhone to access my computer in the living room. With RDM+ remotely go in to my Guide and set it to Record.. Works wonders for me.. You are able to delete/create new programs and also control your computer.. Its a very easy set up.. and RDM+ is not restricted to your Phone. Give you the freedom to use any computer or any smart phone.


Hopefully this would work for you until Rogers team comes out with something similar to Bell 



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Using Rogers Smartphones with PVRs?

Hi Urbanboy,


Thanks for the great tip...the unfortunate thing is that I'm not running a Media Center.  It's also not right for me to go out and get one (because if I did, I'd want to build a really good one, with an excellent sound card since I have a nice 7.1 set up at home).    Thus, it'd be great if Rogers released something like that!


I'm still waiting for a reply from a Rogers employee!!!

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Re: Using Rogers Smartphones with PVRs?

What kind of PVR do you have?
I've Been Around
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Re: Using Rogers Smartphones with PVRs?

add me to the list (as well as a large number of ppl that i know) of ppl looking to able to access their rogers pvr remotely via the web. it's a feature from bell which is almost enough (by itself) to swtich.


as for the streaming to a mobile device also an excellent idea... but for some reason i think the above will be challenge enough for rogers to handle .... 😕

I'm a Senior Contributor
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Re: Using Rogers Smartphones with PVRs?

As of now the only method of obtaining the result you are looking for (unless someone can correct me) is the way Urbanboy suggested. Rogers has no official Apps that allow for remote PVR access as of now.


I personally am as well hoping either an app comes out for iphone/android/BB phones as there are many times I am out, forgot to PVR something and missed a show/event I wanted to watch.


I agree with jaebaby's suggestion of having availibility for pvr access. It would be a big improvement and would add further value to the service.






Hello everyone,


For more information on using Rogers Smartphones with PVRs, please click here.


Hope this helps!



I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Using Rogers Smartphones with PVRs?

Do any of the Rogers PVR have remote accessibility options?  Perhaps it is possible, and just a matter of someone actually completing the application for our phones.

Cheers, Brett

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Using Rogers Smartphones with PVRs?

No right now there is no public API for the Rogers boxes so even if someone wanted to they couldn't write an app.
I've Been Around
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Re: Using Rogers Smartphones with PVRs?

hi urbanboy


i hope you are still monitoring this forum. i`ve been trying to do this for some time and love what youve come up with. some parts i dont understand though. i`m hoping you could clarify:


you hook up media center to your rogers pvr - do you mean via the usb interface? does the rogers box come with some functionality that allows it to interface with a pc? spacifically one that`s running media center? i`m unclear on how the media center pc allows you to select programs from the rogers list?


media center to tv - is this for playback? are we not just going to be sending commands to the pvr in order to playback from the pvr?or are you talking about using the pvr solely as a tuner and doing the record and playback on from the media center pc?


i get the remote desktop part. i log in to the pc with media center and do my thing.....i`m just not sure what the thing is.


hope to hear back.



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