Use existing SIM card on new unlocked iPhone ?

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Re: Use existing SIM card on new unlocked iPhone?

Hi @dolafam


Welcome to the Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Congrats on your new iPhone! What a nice gift.


You can definitely use your current SIM card with your iPhone 6S as it uses a nano SIM card just like your current iPhone. 


Let us know if you have any other questions.



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Re: Use existing SIM card on new unlocked iPhone?

hi there to answer your question about being unlocked....unlocked simply means you buy a sim card from a compatible carrier (all Canadian Carriers are compatible) and pop it in the phone to get cell/data services. "locked" phones are the ones you buy on contract and are locked to the carrier you signed the contract on. they can be unlocked at a cost if you wish to move to another carrier, but do at a cost. the nicest part of Unlocked phones is you can avoid costly roaming charges when you travel by purchasing a local a carriers sim card to use when traveling......with Rogers rome like home though that pretty much useless in the USA but make sense on really long trips abroad

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Re: Use existing SIM card on new unlocked iPhone?

Moving Rogers SIM card from Rogers iPhone 5s to an unlocked iPhone 7


I have been given an unlocked iPhone 7 as a gift. I have an old iPhone 5 (locked by Rogers) with a Rogers SIM card (currently on a Rogers plan). Can I move the SIM card (nano lite) to the new iPhone 7 and use it without contacting Rogers (i.e., continue with the same plan)? 


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Re: Use existing SIM card on new unlocked iPhone?

Hello @jwphysio

Yes you can! They both use the nano Sim card so all you need to do is insert it into the iphone 7 and it will start working! Enjoy! 🙂