Usage Inaccuracies?

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Usage Inaccuracies?

In very recent memory Rogers has admitted to severe inaccuracies in the measure of my internet usage. I want to know how are we to believe the usage on our billing? My usage went over 60 gig this month and I got dinged almost $20 for it. What guarantees do we have that anyone is policing the way our usage is measured?





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Re: Usage Inaccuracies? May I have a pound of data please?



you ask: "... I want to know how are we to believe the usage on our billing?"  I suggest that there is absolutely no reason to believe any of those billings.


To the best of my knowledge, Rogers has never revealed how they measure our data usage.  And there seems to be no oversight from our government in this area such as, for example, there is when we buy gasoline or other weight and volume-based commodities.


Beyond the most basic issues of how data volume is to be measured and assessed, there are other more subtle technical issues that relate to this matter as well.  See my posting from April 13, 2012, here:


We need openness and transparency from Rogers (and the other ISP's) in this matter.  We need government oversight to ensure we are being billed only for the data we really, truly, honestly use.  At the moment we seem to have neither.


Normally we (as Rogers customers) do not track our data usage that closely.  Nor would we normally have either the tools or the expertise to do so.  And the Rogers website information which is supposed to assist us in this is notoriously unreliable and untimely.


It seems totally unacceptable to have to call Rogers as and when we think we have an inaccuracy in our billing.  How often do we need to argue over the number of litres of gas we have pumped into the fuel tank on our car, or the actual weight of a package of hamburger we purchase in the grocery store?




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Re: Usage Inaccuracies? May I have a pound of data please?

It's not like we're getting this service for free. We're paying good money for this and no one in the media or government seems the least bit interested to find out if we're being cheated.
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Re: Usage Inaccuracies? May I have a pound of data please?

If your computer is the only device connected to the modem, there are many free data usage trackers you can use to monitor exactly how much data is flowing through your network cards. If there's more than one, I'd suggest getting a router that has data tracking capabilities or something cheap that can run dd-wrt. Other than that there's no way for you to track how much data is going out to you modem

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Re: Usage Inaccuracies?

I checked my usage today and it said I used 18,388 MB yesterday. I of course did not, and that happens to be the precise ammount to take me to the full limit of my usage for the month. I don't know if it will be correct tomorrow or not.

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Re: Usage Inaccuracies?

Since I increased my usage (since I had always been getting close to top or over) I still now go over (150 GB)  I am not doing anything different from before, drives me nuts.

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Re: Usage Inaccuracies?

For people unknowingly going over their cap (when they beleive they dont have that much usage).. they need to look at their usage to start.. then from there see if its something else causing it.


- Do you use netflix? (or Boxee or similar streaming TV stuff)

- Do you use ALOT of youtube?  (someone at work here goes over 90g a month, no netflix, etc.. why? her kids are on youtube for 4+ hours a day on two devices)

- Are you downloading / uploading alot?


Take myself.. i download some stuff every month.. not a huge amount.. maybe 2-4g worth.  I play WoW for 3+ hours ever day (more on weekend).  I have 1 computer always on connected.. up to 3 more potentialy on it, 3 cell phones, TV and surround sound, xbox, all connected to the internet.   I am lucky if i go over 30-50g a month usage.


So adding streaming stuff.. will GREATLY increase your usage.


BUT.. if you dont do alot of the above questions.. there may be something on your network/PCs that is running amock and eating up usage.. something that is constantly refreshing, etc.  I had on my wireless, usage go 200mb in about 5 minutes!! How? there was an app that was **bleep** up and constantly transmitting data, and ate up my usage almost instantly.  Killed all the apps on the phone and it stoped.