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I've Been Here Awhile

I currently have a blackberry bold on a family plan with my parents and brothers. However, I'm getting tired of my blackberry and feeling like it really isn't keeping up with the androids/iphone etc, so i would like to upgrade to an iphone. I'm not sure if we are on a 2 or three year contract, but i've had the phone or close to 2 years now. How would it work if I wanted to upgrade to an iphone? I don't want to bother if its going to cost me a lot of money to get out of it, but i really would like to upgrade. 



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Re: Upgrading

I Plan to Stick Around

don't worry about the contract, you can always ask for an early upgrade; if you want iPhone but budget is sort of an issue go with 4s or refurbished 5 which cost much less than a typical offer; will probably need to pay a couple of hundreds though; I personally recommend you to look into android devices as there are many decent phones out there with real low prices

Re: Upgrading

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Hello hsteenbe

You will need to call Rogers to get the upgrade fee. When you go to the store or over the phone to upgrade your line, they will tell you everything there. No one on here can give u a estimate or a number as we can not have access to your account. Best option is to call into Rogers and ask to know the upgrade fee / phone price on a new 2 year term and give u the total.
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