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Upgrades from 4642?

I've Been Here Awhile

I'm on Digital VIP service with a 4642 box, am thinking of upgrading to a PVR box but hearing a lot of horror stories about Nextbox!


I just have one HDTV hooked up to the cable box, no plans to add any other equipment at this time. 


What options do I have with Rogers? Is it possible to get a PVR box that isn't Nextbox? Does the 4642 box already provide all the capabilities I'm paying for or am I missing out on options (other than PVR) that I'd get with an upgraded box? 


OR - is Nextbox not all that bad and worth a try? 



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Re: Upgrades from 4642?

I've Been Here Awhile
Mine has the guide that looks like the "old" one in the pic on your link.

Re: Upgrades from 4642?

Resident Expert

If you decide to get a pvr then, most of the issues you hear with the nexbox are with the new guide.

You can have it downgraded if you wish down to the guide you have, which eliminates most of them.

Re: Upgrades from 4642?

I'm a Senior Advisor currenlty have SARA.  With SARA, there is no way to hide channels you don't subscribe to.  A tip for browsing...while in the guide, you can enter a channel number and the guide will jump to if you just want o browse the HD block, just punch in 474 and the guide will jump right to that channel and you can browse from there.


With the new guide, you can go into settings and hide channels you don't want to see in your guide.   One of the advantages of the new guide.  Should you want it, you can request it online thru your MyRogers account.


I have had the new guide on a 4642 for as long as its been out and have had no issues with it.  Most of the issues with the new guide seem to come from its PVR functionality.

Re: Upgrades from 4642?

I'm a Reliable Contributor

One feature of the SARA software that I always liked, and used was the ability to search for the same show, and see if its playing on another channel - possibly in high def.


I do this by: Going to the guide, choosing the show I want to watch.  While on that channel, I will open the guide again, and choose the "A" (yellow triangle) on remote to choose BROWSE BY, choose TITLE, and then it will display all programs showing on all channels. 


Can this be accomplished with the "new guide" 

Re: Upgrades from 4642?

I'm a Senior Advisor

The new guide has a search function very similar to the one introduced in the "Quick Start" menu.



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