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Re: Upcoming Stand Alone Channels

My apologies if my suggestion to dig, curled a few hairs (I don't have many to curl anymore). Smiley Wink I am not very good with copying and pasting links, and some will know that I often ask people to put the links in for me.


So when I am saying go to the shop page TV and follow it down, that is all I mean by it. That is the way I do it, and I always appreciate it when a link is provided to me to get me there faster.  I was just trying to be helpful if the provided links were not getting people to where they wanted to be.


So my apologies if it was taken the wrong way, was actually just trying to be helpful.


I think for a lot of us, in particular me, I am getting tired if being a pawn between the CRTC and the big TV companies.  In my case, I have no choice but to downsize, as our family has taken a severe hit financially for health and economic reasons, so I was really hoping that these changes would provide some help in trying to get just what I want to watch at a reasonable price that is below the really high prices we got our selves into when we had money.


So it just means that for our family, we will have to learn to live with less on the tv/media side of life, and find alternative forms of entertainment.


So let's continue with the conversation, and see what options we can creatively come up with.


For me, since I do so like the HBO series and movie channel, it looks like I go the starter package and HBO, or if financially that is still not going to work, I go digital antenna and do without HBO.


Ahh choices.


Bruce  Smiley Happy

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Re: Upcoming Stand Alone Channels

Not a problem @matt72yard and @OLDYELLR.  I am pretty thick skinned.  I was just trying to be helpful, not great with links, I count on the longer term guys like @OLDYELLR to find the links for me a lot of the time.


And oldyellr is so correct, even the direct link often doesn't take others to where we thought we were sending them to as they may be picking up items from our login and cookies.


Rogers and the other companies are notorious at making it hard to find any of this detail easily (take a look at all the work people have had to do just to create meaninful channel lists (can't remember the thread, but I just did find the link to one of the threads) http://communityforums.rogers.com/t5/forums/forumtopicpage/board-id/PVR_settop_boxes_remotes/message...


My own opinion is that they really don't want to make it easy with all the little numbers and tiny blue number links and more details buttons, and giant long lists, and then a comparison of the packages that at a glance makes it ludicrous to ever consider the starter package.


But I think what would be useful as we learn this new model is to work with the channel listings that people have created (I will commit to finally finishing the old VIP list for Pineridge - I have been sick as a dog for two weeks now), and present various examples of alternatives to starter packages and mix and matches, or at least a model of how to do this easily.


Again, sorry if I ruffled any feathers, no intent at all. I reread what I wrote and see that it could be taken not as I intended - the challenge of communicating fully via internet communications is that sometimes it comes across the wrong way.


I will keep reading and thinking about this.


And I am wondering the same thing as @OLDYELLR is saying in that there are still a lot of theme packages and not some much pick and pay - maybe it will change again.


For me, I am annoyed to say the least, but it is not anything new. I like the services in general, I just get tired of the game playing around what the CRTC is trying to do for the customer.  And unfortunately it is not any better with the competitors.


Ah well, life goes on.  Bruce

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Re: Upcoming Stand Alone Channels

They just don't get it. I know they have to make money, everyone does but they just can't see that eventually they will price themselves out of business. As the cordcutters increase. the cost will be passed on to people like me until we can't afford it. Then what. Life with tv as we know it will be over. Thanks greedy BDU's

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Re: Upcoming Stand Alone Channels

@BS wrote:


My own opinion is that they really don't want to make it easy with all the little numbers and tiny blue number links and more details buttons, and giant long lists, and then a comparison of the packages that at a glance makes it ludicrous to ever consider the starter package.


That's about it.  Right now if Rogers won't tell their own customers exactly which channels they're getting with their particular package, how can new prospective customers tell what they'll get in the long term if they sign up. (I just took some time paging through my Guide and counted the channels I get and don't get with VIP. Of the 999, it  looks like I get almost 600, including many duplicates and the music and promo channels.)  A friend who has Rogers was contemplating jumping ship to Bell after his Internet speed dropped drastically and I told him to thoroughly research what kind of PVR service he would get. Then, in apparent reaction to Bell actively marketing in his area, his speed suddenly jumped up.  It now looks like marketing TV, phone and Internet services has gone the way of election campaigns. Hiding facts and denigrating the competition.

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Re: Upcoming Stand Alone Channels

I couldn't have said that better. Yes, it does feel like an election campaign. You don't know what to believe anymore and even though there is no lying in there, there is a lot of gobbly goop - like why the other guys have the most home phones - ever heard of legacy equipment - not suprising - comparison should be only in the area that it is available from anyone - who has the most channes; got a few hours, you may be able figure that one out - you will need a big table or spreadsheet to lay it all out on, and do you pay extra for install on the equipment if you don't have a contract, or do you have just large cancellation fees and the install is cheaper - to really understand it all, you have to look at what do you spend over 2 years and what happens at the end. So a lot of time spent between the company and us (their money and time, and our time costs) just to figure things out and walk away saying, I will have to think about it and create new questions, that if the plan changed in between the time you think about it, you end up starting all over again, and of course, once you go to cancel, you will be offered completely different things. Like trying to buy a car used to be. and interesting thing, our service for TV was out for 1 week, the competition were at our door the week after saying I here you often have outages and poor service from your existing provider - the companies actually knew my service provider and that we had an outage. So they have this marketing game down to a fine art. Back to the political campaign concept, just like doing more stump speeches in the swing ridings or states. Ahh without a doubt they don't want to make it easy to figure out, none of them. Thanks for the wonderful comparison. Rant ends here - an old one, just seems to be more extreme as of late with all the technology changes, market swings in P&L and regulatory changes. Bruce (;
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Re: Upcoming Stand Alone Channels

@phil57 Personally, I think it is on its dying breaths, it is us that keep hanging on that are providing life support.  And it lies primarily with the majority shareholders who direct their executive staff to do whatever will make them the most return.


As each day goes by, I lean closer and closer to putting up a digital antenna, and look at cord cutting options, and just say that was a way of life I am not willing to pay for.  Have to remember to put it all into perspective, I used to go to 2 movies per year, still do, and did a dinner at the same time, and for TV, I lived in Peterborough area, where we had a rotorary antenna, "luxury", most people had one or three and just switched between them, or even just bunny ear antennas, available on the back of every tv we bought, and we got I think, 8 channels from Rochester, Buffalo, Peterborough, Toronto, and Kingston, and yes we got "snow", but we did a lot more outside the home.  So time is coming for me just to simplify my life back to what it used to be and I will have a lot more free money for life too.  Yes, if we all did this, the economy would change like crazy, the comapanies, and shareholders would just find some other market to make money on, and since one of my kids works for a big telco, they may not have a job in media coordination to build that grid we all see for our channels, but she would find something else.


Life goes on.


At least we have this forum to politely rant, and then we move on - hardly anyone talks about Navigtr anymore and it used to have 100's of posts per day.


If people have questions on how to understand the current bundling and channel models, just ask, one of us can probably help you wade through it and will understand and comiserate with your frustration, as we go through it too.


Take care, Bruce