Unwanted marketing emails and texts / illegal cancelation fee

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Unwanted marketing emails and texts / illegal cancelation fee

I've been getting marketing emails and texts for months.  Have tried to get customer service to take me off their list (I never "opted-in" in the first place.   I got zero customer support on this problem and finally canceled my Rogers account after 10 years as a customer last week.  GUESS WHO'S GOT TWO THUMBS AND IS STILL GETTING BOMBARDED WITH ROGERS EMAILS AND TEXTS?   THIS GUY.   It's stunning to me that Rogers would lose a customer whose been paying them for so long because they were too obstinate to simply uncheck my name from a few boxes.  They told me their system was down and I couldn't talk to a manager to log a complaint for 3 days because they were too busy launching their iphone 5 promotion.   When I canceled they charged me $100 dollar fee, so I complained to CCTS who confirmed I had a valid complaint.  I'm going to keep complaining until they stop spamming me.  In the meantime, they've called me numerous times offering deals I was never privy to before, even gifts, to get my business back -  Deals I should have been offered while a loyal customer. Total double standard.  



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Re: Unwanted marketing emails and texts / illegal cancelation fee

Their system was down for almost a week, so yes, they were not able to do anything at that time (i had nothing to do with the iphone5 though).

Many companies, will have special promtions, they can only offer to people who are going to leave.. do they offer them to REGULAR customers? No, not always, as they often can loose a good portion of money on them.

But did you call and ever inquire about any promtions?  They wont fork them out automaticaly, as again, they loose money on them, but they are often there.

I called and asked.  I am getting 60% off my cable for 2 years.  Just for being loyal, and asking (my mother got the same deal).  BUT for any of these promo.. as well as the 'come back' ones.. there is always a catch.  A contract.

I wish you luck, wherever you do choose to go.  Just remember when signing up with the other guys.. DONT take the deal for the better price.. as you will get stuck with a contract you so hate, again.

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Re: Unwanted marketing emails and texts / illegal cancelation fee

Why is there no dispute process for unauthorized third party charges? Why has Rogers absolved their responsibility as my service provider to help me resolve this situation?