Unusual High Data Usage

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Re: Unusual High Data Usage

These days you need unlimited data if you don't want to be restricting your every move and strictly monitoring your family's Internet use. I was on a 200 Gig plan when my ISP (not Rogers)  "upgraded" me to a cheaper, faster plan that was only 100 Gigs. I saw right away that I'd be going over and got that upgraded to an unlimited plan. You can't fight it unless you severely limit your Internet use. 

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Re: Unusual High Data Usage

Just curious if you ever got this resolved and if the program you installed worked. I just got a hub last week and I see my usage is a lot higher than it should be! I was just told by cs rep that the hub uses more data than another form of internet would - I asked why and she didn't know. How does that work?!? So they just get to charge you more than you use? I'm thinking of taking it back.